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HTTP Auth Interceptor Module

for AngularJS

This is the implementation of the concept described in Authentication in AngularJS (or similar) based application.

Launch demo here or switch to gh-pages branch for source code of the demo.


This module installs $http interceptor and provides the 'authService'.

The $http interceptor does the following: the configuration object (this is the requested URL, payload and parameters) of every HTTP 401 response is buffered and everytime it happens, the 'event:auth-loginRequired' message is broadcasted from $rootScope.

The 'authService' has only one method: #loginConfirmed(). You are responsible to invoke this method after user logged in. It will retry all the requests previously failed due to HTTP 401 response.

###Typical use case:

  • somewhere the: $http(...).then(function(response) { do-something-with-response }) is invoked,
  • the response of that requests is a HTTP 401,
  • 'http-auth-interceptor' captures the initial request and broadcasts 'event:auth-loginRequired',
  • your application intercepts this to e.g. show a login dialog (or whatever else),
  • once your application figures out the authentication is OK, you are to call: authService.loginConfirmed(),
  • your initial failed request will now be retried and finally, the do-something-with-response will fire.