RANDOM.ORG service client for .NET Standard / .NET Core
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RANDOM.ORG service client based on RANDOM.ORG API v2 (Core API).

NuGet package Gitter

Project Details

Category Method Support
Basic getUsage Yes
Basic generateIntegers Yes
Basic generateIntegerSequences Yes
Basic generateDecimalFractions Yes
Basic generateGaussians Yes
Basic generateStrings Yes
Basic generateUUIDs Yes
Basic generateBlobs Yes
Signed generateSignedIntegers Yes
Signed generateSignedIntegerSequences Yes
Signed generateSignedDecimalFractions Yes
Signed generateSignedGaussians Yes
Signed generateSignedStrings Yes
Signed generateSignedUUIDs Yes
Signed generateSignedBlobs Yes
Signed getResult No
Signed verifySignature Yes
  • The client supports operation cancellation via cancellation token.
  • The client supports usage of a custom HTTP message invoker.
  • The client respects service advisory delay between generation requests not longer than 24 hours.
  • The string is the only supported type for the optional user data parameter.
  • The base64 is the only supported format for BLOBs in JSON.
  • The 10 is the only supported base for integers in JSON.

Code Examples

var client = new RandomOrgClient("YOUR_API_KEY_HERE");

// Generate an integer from the [0,10] range w/o replacement
var bin = await client.GenerateIntegersAsync(1, 0, 10, false);
// Generate a decimal fraction with 8 decimal places w/o replacement
var bdf = await client.GenerateDecimalFractionsAsync(1, 8, false);
// Generate a number from a Gaussian distribution with mean of 0.0,
// standard deviation of 1.0, and 8 significant digits
var bgs = await client.GenerateGaussiansAsync(1, 0.0m, 1.0m, 8);
// Generate a string with length of 8 from the specified letters w/o replacement
var bst = await client.GenerateStringsAsync(1, 8, "abcdef", false);
// Generate an UUID of version 4
var bud = await client.GenerateUuidsAsync(1);
// Generate a BLOB with length of 8 bytes
var bbl = await client.GenerateBlobsAsync(1, 8);
// Generate an integer from the [0,10] range w/o replacement with signature
var sin = await client.GenerateSignedIntegersAsync(1, 0, 10, false);
// Verify the signature of the previously generated random integer
var ain = await client.VerifySignatureAsync(sin.Random, sin.Signature);
// Get usage information of the current API key
var usg = await client.GetUsageAsync();

Console.WriteLine("Random integer: " + bin.Random.Data[0]);
Console.WriteLine("Random decimal fraction: " + bdf.Random.Data[0]);
Console.WriteLine("Random Gaussian number: " + bgs.Random.Data[0]);
Console.WriteLine("Random string: " + bst.Random.Data[0]);
Console.WriteLine("Random UUID: " + bud.Random.Data[0]);
Console.WriteLine("Random BLOB: " + Convert.ToBase64String(bbl.Random.Data[0]));
Console.WriteLine("Signed data is authentic: " + ain);
Console.WriteLine("Daily quota requests left: " + usg.RequestsLeft);