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Header Grab Bag

I spent a bit of time putting these together, but since the project they'd be used on is now defunct, huzzah! Let's share!

  • MIT Licensed
  • 10+ navigation headers included as plain HTML and CSS
  • Based on Bootstrap and Font-Awesome
  • All JS is written in straightforward jQuery
  • Configured from LESS variables (build scripts included)
  • Compatible with Superfish jQuery menu plugin

Included Header Preset Styles

  • Transparent Overlay
  • Transparent Overlay with Contact Information
  • Transparent Overlay with Social Icons
  • Transparent Overlay with Social Icons and Dark Fixed Header
  • Light Background Color and Semi-Opaque Fixed Header
  • Light Background Color with Social Icons
  • Light Background Color with Contact Information
  • Light Background Color with Menu Background Hovers (half-height, un-bordered)
  • Light Background Color with Menu Background Hovers (full-height, bordered)
  • Dark Background Color with Social Icons
  • Dark Background Color with Menu Background Hovers (full-height, un-bordered)


If you're looking to get up and running as soon as possible, use one of the demos by taking what's in the HTML's <header> tag and incorporating it into your own markup. Then include the relevant header CSS in includes/css.


Before you start, make sure you have LESS installed. Try running

lessc -v

and if it's not installed, run:

npm install -g less

Edit the header.less of your choice

Take a look at the demos and use those as a base of what you'd like to customize. Go to the relevant header file (ex. demo7.html uses includes/less/header-7.less) and modify the values set in the variables. Make sure the urls to the logos are correct in the header tag.

Build the header with the LESS compiler

All the preconfigured headers are in includes/less. In the project's top level directory, run lessc on the appropriate header file:

lessc includes/less/header-#.less PATH_TO_YOUR_PROJECT_CSS_FOLDER/header.css

This will create a standalone header.css for you to use.

Include the resulting CSS file, along with adding the header code in your HTML

<link> the header.css in your page, and include the relevant <header> in your page. The header HTML is located in the demo pages.

Apply font-family styles to header elements

Modify these styles to match your font stack and add them to your site's CSS:

.nav-menu-list a {
font-family: <your font stack>

.post-header-info-content a {
font-family: <your font stack>


About the Author

This was put together for the community by @lintuxvi . Check him out on Github @alexanderlperez