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A PyBossa plugin for creating projects via the web interface by directly importing content from GitHub repositories. Essentially, the plugin enables the creation of fully configured projects in just a few clicks, which could be especially useful for users who are not comfortable with command line tools, such as pbs. It also means that templates for the tutorial and results pages can be loaded via the web interface.

Installation and configuration

Run the following commands (modified according to your PyBossa installation directory):

source /home/pybossa/pybossa/env/bin/activate
cd /home/pybossa/pybossa/pybossa/plugins
git clone
pip install -r pybossa-github-builder/requirements.txt
mv pybossa-github-builder/pybossa_github_builder pybossa_github_builder
rm -r pybossa-github-builder

Now visit to register a new application (i.e. your PyBossa application), entering http://{your-pybossa-domain}/github/oauth-authorized in the Authorization Callback URL field.

Once the application is registered copy your Client ID and Client Secret into your main PyBossa configuration file, as follows:

GITHUB_CLIENT_ID = 'your-client-id'
GITHUB_CLIENT_SECRET = 'your-client-secret'

The plugin will be available after you restart the server.

Theme integration

The plugin provides templates that match the PyBossa default theme. To use templates that match your PyBossa custom theme just copy the /templates/projects/github directory into your theme's /templates/projects directory and modify.

You might also want to add a link to tasks.html:

{% if 'pybossa_github_builder' in plugins %}
    <a href="{{ url_for('github.sync', short_name=project.short_name) }}">Sync with GitHub</a>
{% endif %}


Create a project then visit:


Enter a valid GitHub URL. A GitHub URL is considered valid if it points to a GitHub repository containing a project.json file that validates against project_schema.json. Check the schema file for further details of the available keys.

If a valid repository is found you will be taken to a form containing the details found in project.json and fields to select the project's task presenter, tutorial, results, long description, thumbnail and so on.

Note that the project's short name, as it's written throughout the GitHub repository, will be replaced in the project's task presenter, tutorial and results (if any of these files are imported) with the short name of the actual project.


See project-convert-a-card for an example of a project that can be loaded using this plugin.


A PyBossa plugin for creating projects directly from GitHub repositories







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