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Open Source Pipeline for Maya, Houdini, 3ds Max and Nuke .
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"A feature can't be a bug"-Release

Check out the documentary, releases and read the open letter.

FMX 2017 Talk - Open Source Pipeline



Plex is an Animation, VFX and Games pipeline managing important workflows during production. Its core is a flexible and independent system for small to mid-sized projects and companies. The basic idea is to handle the file and folder structure work, setups basic rules and guides the workflow to allow a collaborated working.

Intuitively guiding the input and output of users to overcome problems and achieve goals. Now you have a good game ... or pipeline.

The main idea is to have an overall system which lays the foundation for the modular scripts that are plugged into the pipeline and add to its functionality and overall awesomeness.


Environment [in development]

  • OS: Windows (| Linux | Mac)
  • Software: Nuke 9+ | Maya 2015+ | Houdini 15+ | 3ds Max 2015+
  • Renderer: Arnold | RenderMan | Mantra | V-Ray

Project Features

  • vfx, animation & game production management system
  • file & folder management (settings | create | save | load | publish)
  • flexible, portable, multi functional project environment
  • additional libraries (api | img | user | shot)
  • workflow tracking & reporting
  • user-pipeline integration
  • SSTP (simple | smart | transparent | performant)


Pipeline Features

  • Layered Pipeline
  • master (main pipeline)
  • commercial | film
  • project (production)
  • local (development & debug)
  • personal (user)
  • Basic scripts
  • save (+ publish) | load | create | render
  • get, set and handle data | img | scripts
  • arUtils (user, report, help, accept, comment, color code)
  • Workflows and Charts
  • naming conventions
  • software pipeline
  • folder structure (project & pipeline)
  • Data and Helper
  • project (resolution, fps ...)
  • user (name, task ...)
  • context (shot, task, comment ...)
  • environment variables (PROJECT_PATH ...)
  • additional libraries
  • Feedback & Debug (+ advanced logging)
  • inform user about processes
  • debug like a king *bow*


Projects [realized with]


Plex is available under the MIT License. You can use it for commercial or non-commercial projects. Please include the attributes and a credit in your docs.

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