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Gummi 0.8.0 "" ():
Features added:
* Migrated codebase GTK2->GTK3
* Open multiple files at once from command line
* Replaced use of old bundled synctex (for system synctex)
* Monitor document for external changes
* Automatically scroll build log to end
* Allow editor themes/styles from a custom filepath
* Visual improvements to file saving dialog
* Remember preview scroll position and zoom mode per tab
Bugs fixed:
* Replace all is now one action for sane undo/redo'ing
* Fix erroneous return code for makeindex
* Fix gtkspell init failure when EN language unavailable
* Fix inconsistent wholeword text searching
* Build script fixes for MacOSX
* Show statusbar message when PDF creation fails
* Fix rare hang on gummi exit
* Now suggests file extension on save window
* Run bibtex menu item no longer disabled after running
* Replaced multiple homebrew functions with glib
* Fix jumping editor caret on closing search
* Allow using synctex when using rubber
* A multitude of minor fixes
Gummi 0.6.6 "We're still here" (January 27th, 2016):
Bugs fixed:
* Fix using predictable filenames in /tmp (CVE-2015-7758)
* Fix source id warnings during motion runtime
* Fix open-project crash due to missing file chooser title
* Fix synctex for input files with relative paths
* Add descriptive keywords to our desktop entry file
* Improvements to the bibliography detection regex
* Only allow loading tex files through file->open
* Desensitize cut/copy tools when no text is selected
* Various improvements to build system
* Removed deprecated code
Gummi 0.6.5 (October 18th, 2012):
Bugs fixed:
* Fixed empty build logs when special characters were included
* Fixed a rare deadlock situation on program exit
* Fixed regression in spell-checking language listing
* Fixed regression in killing inresponsive compilation processes
* Correctly close file descriptors for child processes
* Implemented --version CLI argument
* Several translation updates
* Added Hungarian translation
Gummi 0.6.4 (June 24th, 2012):
Bugs fixed:
* Replaced faulty importer implementation with a toolbar variant
* Fixed an issue where the previewer would not display correctly
* dvi script uses exit status to signal compilation status
* Improved the reported messages for some errors.
* Better TeXLive version detection
* Fixed a reference problem that could lead to a crash
* Search window is correctly centered in GNOME 3
* Tab markup not enabled when project loading fails
* Minor UI tweaks to the project & bibliography panels
* Minor UI tweaks to the snippet configuration interface
Gummi 0.6.3 (March 28th, 2012):
Bugs fixed:
* Fix bibtex regression since 0.6.2
* Fix for compiling through dvi/ps
* Correctly disable template open button when none exist
* Gummi toolbar can be hidden again
* Fix LaTeX error screen and error line output
* Menu item compatibility with Ubuntu's Unity fixed
* Added Chinese (simplified) translation
Gummi 0.6.2 (March 18th, 2012):
Bugs fixed:
* Recovery mode is also triggered when gummi is run with file argv
* Incomplete compilation processes are killed on tab switch
* Fix template addition crash when zero tabs are opened
* PDF files can now be used by the image importer
* Fixed building/compilation scripts for explicit linking
* Default text only written to disk when changes are made
* SyncTeX auto-scrolling is now disabled by default
* Converted snippet offsets to utf8
* Bibliography items with all capital letters can be parsed
* Various minor spelling/phrasing errors
* Build files can now be removed from the menu
* Lots of Windows specific issues
* Addition of user guide link
Gummi 0.6.1 (December 2th, 2011):
Bugs fixed:
* Selecting text no longer freezes during updates
* Shell escape option is now set/unset correctly
* Fixed crash when trying to open non-existing file from cli
* Popup windows no longer block gui in fullscreen mode
* Documents containing input commands can pass precompile check
* Opening snippet menu no longer blocks gui
* Several fixes to snippet insertion mechanism
* Minor tweaks to the build scripts for convenience
* Fixed some minor memory leaks
Gummi 0.6.0 (November 14th, 2011):
Bugs fixed:
* Improved preview scaling performance
* Importer file choosers now default to CWD
* Fixed image import warning
* Fixed rare segfault on gummi start
* Search results colour depends on color theme
* Preview scroll position restored after error
* Replaced all win32 incompatible code
* Configuration I/O transaction fixes
* Modifier keys no longer trigger auto-compile
* Correct encoded text is written on file save
* Fixed a rare GUI hang when program is closed
* Several GUI and icon related problems
* Several memory leaks
Features added:
* Multi-tab/document support
* LaTeX build systems (rubber/latexmk)
* Compiling through DVI/Postscript
* Continuous PDF preview
* Filter function for bibliographies
* Improved document statistics
* Infoscreen panel with document status
* More configurable options
* Minimal project support
* SyncTeX support
* New & updated translations
Gummi 0.5.8 (March 17th, 2011):
Bugs fixed:
* PDF latency when document is scrolled fixed
* Fixed gui hanging issues in certain situations
* Fixed compatibility with Bibtex 0.99d (texlive 2010)
* Updated glade files for compatibility with new releases
* Better detection for damaged or incomplete pdf files
* Replaced textit with emph for italic toolbar function
* Solved various pdf rendering problems
* High resolution gummi icon
Features added:
* LaTeX compilation is now a threaded process
* Implemented Snippets interface
* Automatic export of the PDF file on document save
* Added German, Spanish, Polish and Czech translations
* Updated several other translation files
Gummi 0.5.5 (December 10th, 2010):
Bugs fixed:
* Fixed critical search & replace regression.. :(
Gummi 0.5.4 (December 8th, 2010):
Bugs fixed:
* Fixed segfault on document statistics for filepaths with spaces
* Fixed segfault on accessing non-existing recent file
* Fixed a rare segfault that occurred on opening file
* Set default search & replace options to clone gedit's
* Fixed cursor repeatedly jumping to error lines
* Fixed statusbar message when a document is loaded from template
* Multiple lines will now be tagged when they contain errors
* Fixed PDF preview delay
* Misc small bugfixes here and there
* Updated translations
Features added:
* Added editor style scheme support
* Added manual preview compile function
* Document recovery mode in case of a crash
* Allow custom compilation scripts and flags
* Added polish & spanish translations
Gummi 0.5.3 (October 24th, 2010):
Bugs fixed:
* Reduce number of I/O calls for configuration
* Fixed the center text latex command
* Document dimensions now update when document orientation changes
* Image and biblio imports now detect relative paths
* Fixed GUI lag when opening a new document
* Fixed titles for the file chooser windows
* Clicking no longer required to restore preview window on error
* Show tooltips with basepath for recent files
* Fixed issue with configuration reset on gummi update
* Multiple crash issues fixed
Gummi 0.5.2 (October 20th, 2010):
Bugs fixed:
* Fixed an issue with including other tex documents
* Fixed an issue with relative file paths for to be included files
* Recent files with underscore now correctly displayed
* Current directory of document is now remembered
* Autosave document now no longer has editor panel lose focus
* Fixed issue with manual preview page number jumping
* Removed redundant function call in the preview-update function
* Minor fixes to the regex for bibtex detection
* Minor memory leak in texcount function fixed
* Fixed document statistics for document containing errors
* Fixed a segmentation fault on texcount for some configurations
* Minor GUI improvements
* Updated Catalan translation
* Added romanian translation
Gummi 0.5.1 (September 27th, 2010):
Bugs fixed:
* Fixed preview error mode when a template contains errors
* Autosave function no longer runs continuously
* Tab stops now works correctly
* Command exist check for external commands (texcount/bibtex)
Features addded:
* Remember window size & position from previous session
Gummi 0.5.0 (September 20th, 2010):
Bugs fixed:
* Too many to write up, see SVN revision log ;)
Features added:
* Complete rewrite of Gummi to the C programming language
* Internationalisation support
* Search & Replace function
* Custom document templates
* Document statistics (word count)
* Adjustable editor font
* Preview pane can now be hidden and paused
* New compilation interval schemes
* Export PDF function
* Tab width now configurable
Gummi 0.4.8 (May 16th, 2010):
Bugs fixed:
* Replaced widget.get_name() as it is broken in new pygtk
* Current path is now correctly updated on doc load/save
* TeX documents with errors no longer crash the preview on start
* Slightly cleaner detection method for libgobject hack
* Removed cite package inclusion on making a reference
* Fixed a number of not working cancel buttons
* Preferences warning messages are now hidden by default
Features added:
* Spell checking capabilities through gtkspell
* PDF update can be disabled by user
* PDF update interval can be set by user
Gummi 0.4.5 (January 27th, 2010):
Bugs fixed:
* pdf compiling should no langer make gummi hang in certain cases
* Workaround/fix for the pdf render memory leak
* Xelatex should no longer leak file descriptors and crash
* Unavailable recent files are now removed from the menu
* Preview now shows correct page on file load with < pages
* Preview update event now in seconds (less cpu ticks)
* Removed /proc call for workfile generate (incompatible with bsd)
* Fixed empty lines in template documents
* Statusbar/Toolbar can be displayed/hidden
* Correct active typesetter displayed in Preferences menu
* Templates now set the correct filename
* Miscellaneous cosmetic & spelling updates
Features added:
* Gconf replaced with ConfigParser (gconf deps dropped)
* Better bibtex support including reference parser
* Autosaving function added
* Editor font now configurable
* Added man page for gummi executable
* More advanced search function
* Restyled interface for import tabs
Gummi 0.4.2 (November 2th, 2009):
Bugs fixed:
* Changed website address to new homepage in all instances of the code
Features added:
* Improved error-checking mode, with automatic error highlighting
Gummi 0.4.1 (October 27th, 2009):
Bugs fixed:
* Replaced thread update model with glib interval event
* Python >2.6.3 compatible
Gummi 0.4.0 (October 12th, 2009):
Bugs fixed:
* Relative filepaths for external files now handled correctly
* Previewpane will attempt to re-setup if fail on first try
* Rewritten and improved preview pane
* Fixed cancel buttons in file chooser dialogs
* Tempdir is now detected instead of a static value
* Quick import minimalizes after succesfull import
* Quit process is now stopped when cancel button on save is pressed
* Fixed tooltips for style toolbar
* Fixed a gtksourceview warning on text insertion
* Text style tags can't be nested anymore
* Numerous warnings fixed using pylint/pychecker
* Replaced a duplicate keyboard shortcut
* Added multiple missing tooltips
* Buttons in preferences and searchwindow now align correctly
* And numerous other small usability fixes
* BibTeX files support
* XeTeX output support (see advanced options)
* Restyled preview toolbar features auto-scaling zoom modes
* Four preset templates for new documents
* Window title now shows active docment name
* Editor/Preview panes can now be scaled using a slider
* Added functions for quick importing Matrices
* Added indentation style buttons to the toolbar
* Gummi can now be used in fullscreen mode
Gummi 0.3b (September 22th, 2009):
Bugs fixed:
* Preview pane no longer crashes after extended period of use
* Toolbar buttons now display a tooltip on mouseover
* Undo is no longer able to erase the original document content
* Statusbar messages will now correctly fade after a x interval
* More solid character decoding/encoding
* Preview pane will now temporarly disable itself when pdf invalid
* New save behaviour no longer exports .aux and .log files
* Added a toolbar for quick insertion of images and tables
* Recent files are saved and displayed in the file-menu
Gummi 0.2f (September 15th, 2009):
Bugs fixed:
* Documents with non-ascii characters no longer crash editor pane
* Gummi will now correctly launch with filename argument
* Zoom normal button no longer sets wrong dimensions
* Preview pane will browse backwards if content is deleted
* Removed the redundant tempfile from the pdf update process
* Added a window containing the pdflatex output for error tracking
* Added a status light to see current error status of document
* Added three text style buttons for quick bold/italic/underline
* Added mechanism to check whether new gummi version is available
Gummi 0.2b (September 8th, 2009):
Bugs fixed:
* Rescaled icon to look nicer on a gnome panel
* Preferences window no longer triggers a GTKwarning
* New file environment is now correctly created on load/saveas
* Mainwindow no longer blinks on check_for_save/program exit
* Preview pane will no longer stop refreshing after a Save-as
* Tex extension is now forced upon documents when saved
* And several minor annoyances..
* Preferences can now be reset to defaults
* Default text shown in new documents can now be changed
* Added many improvements to the search function
* Added file filters to open & save dialogs
Gummi 0.1f (August 26th, 2009):
Bugs fixed:
* Problems with opening and saving for non-gnome users fixed.
* Fixed problem that prevented preferences window from opening.
* Fixed several problems with the check_for_save routine.
* Mainwindow no longer hides when check_for_save prompts user on quit.
* Preferences window is now correctly centered on parent window
* Tex editor settings now correctly active on program init
* Added primitive search function (will extend it later)
* Added hotkeys and keyboard shortcuts to menu items
* Added toolbar to the main window for easy menuitems access
Gummi 0.1b (August 7th, 2009):
* initial version
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