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With this release we say farewell to the GTK2 toolkit and mark the beginning of the use of GTK3 within our codebase. Many other improvements were also made to enhance your Gummi experience. For a complete list of changes, please see our changelog\footnote{}.

If you'd like to contribute to this project, you can do so in several ways:
If you'd like to contribute to this project, here's some ideas:
\item[Development] fix bugs or add features to our C/GTK codebase
\item[Documentation] edit the user guide to improve user experience
\item[Localization] translate Gummi in your native language
\item[Other] contact me with your ideas
\item[Testing] try out the latest and report your findings
Refer to the \emph{Getting Involved}\footnote{} section on our wiki for more information.

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