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An app to catalog and share user curated gamelists like Goodreads/Spotify.
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Goodgame is an app that lets you catalog video games into user curated gamelists like "currently playing", "wishlist", and "played". A little like Goodreads or Spotify, but for video games.

Goodgame is a full-stack, sessions based, three model CRUD application built with MVC file organization and deployed on Heroku.

Originally, this app only consumed its own API and users had to manually enter a game's information manually when they wanted to add to their lists. Since that is not an ideal user experience, I am currently working to add a new feature where users can search for a game by name and be presented with a list of matching games from using the IGDB api. Once the game has been selected, users can add it to any of the gamelists they have created.

Technologies Used:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • MongoDB
  • Node.js
  • Express.js

Packages Used:

  • Mongoose
  • Bcrypt
  • Express Session
  • Request
  • EJS

API Used:

  • API


  • Bootstrap
  • Font Awesome
  • Slick
  • Parallax
  • Masonry

I was looking to practice using slick carousel and parallax effects. Both the parallax header and the slick carousel of images and videos are dynamically rendered using IGDB endpoints from the user's search results.


User Stories:

The user profile of this application is twofold:

First, general users of this application are people who wish to view other users' gamelists.

  • Users land on the home page and read about how Goodgame works, see 6 sample gamelists, and contact info
  • Users can navigate different views in the top navigation bar: Googdame title and logo; links to Users, Gamelists, Games, Login, and Register. Login becomes logout once a user is logged in to the site
  • Users can view other users' about page with their profile photo, bio, and gamelists
  • Users can view gamelist page with details and a grid of games in a selected User's gamelist

Another user of this application is the registered user who logs in to maintain their own profile and gamelists.

  • Registered users can log in to manage their content
  • Registered users can edit their about page, including changing their profile photo and editing their bio
  • Registered users can create a new gamelist and add games
  • Registered users can add games to an existing gamelist
  • Registered users can modify the contents of existing gamelists
  • Registered users can delete games and gamelists

Features In Progress:

  • I would like to give registered users the ability to rate another user's gamelists
  • When users view a gamelists, the average rating from site users is displayed
  • I would then use this rating to display the top 6 rated games on the homepage
  • Locking down the responsiveness for all display sizes and medium
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