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A weather app that uses geolocation to display a user's current weather conditions.
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Pixel Weather

Pixel Weather is a humble weather application inspired by 8-bit weather. This app displays the current weather conditions from the user's location using openweather API endpoints. User can toggle between imperial and metric units to their hearts desire.

Technologies Used:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery

API Used:

  • openweather API
  • Geolocation API


  • Bootstrap

A note about the Geolocation API. Because it is no longer available on an insecure origin, my app no longer works. Bummer! So have some screenshots from when it was working while I look into setting up an SSL certificate.

Showing US/Imperial units


Showing Metric units


Features In Progress:

  • I would like to add a dynamic background based on time of day and weather
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