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ckanext-realtime is CKAN plugin which makes your CKAN site into a Realtime Data Portal. By using CkanRT.js library, client applications can subscribe to realtime events from Observable Datastores. Check out our demo app here.

For more info read the docs. Feel free to submit your ideas and pull requests if you would like to contribute.

Copying and License

This material is copyright (c) 2014 Alexandra Instituttet A/S and Gatesense.

It is open and licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL) v3.0 whose full text may be found at:

Quick Start Guide

What's in the project?

  1. CKAN extension which enables observable datastores
  2. Datastore listener script (bin/datastore_listener)
  3. WebSocket server (bin/ckan_wss)
  4. JavaScript library for communication with the realtime CKAN (client/CkanRT.js)


The project has been tested on Arch Linux and Ubuntu 12.04 servers. That Said, you will need:

  1. Redis Server
  2. CKAN (tested on 2.2 but it should work with earlier minor releases as well).
  3. ckanext-datastore plugin enabled


  1. Install the plugin

    $ python develop
  2. Install the requirements

    $ pip install -r requirements.txt
  3. Set ckanext-realtime specific configuration options in your ckan config (e.g. /etc/ckan/default/production.ini):

    # ckanext-realtime settings

    #at what url can the Action API be reached
    ckan.realtime.ckan_api_url = http://localhost:5000/api/3/action/

    # admin API key to be used by WebSocket server and datastore listener
    ckan.realtime.apikey = <api key>

    #redis server host
    ckan.realtime.redis_host =

    #redis server port
    ckan.realtime.redis_port = 6379

    #WebsocketServer port
    ckan.realtime.wss_port = 9000
  4. Enable the plugin in the CKAN configuration file:

    # datastore plugin is a requirement for the realtime plugin
    ckan.plugin = ... datastore realtime


After installing and configuring the plugin, start up CKAN and Redis. Then start the Datastore Listener script so that it can notify you about changes to Observable Datastores using PostgreSQL LISTEN/NOTIFY feature:

$ python bin/datastore_listener /etc/ckan/default/development.ini

Lastly, start the WebSocket server:

$ python bin/ckan_wss /etc/ckan/default/development.ini

Now you are ready to run the client examples found in client/examples folder of the project.

Running Python Tests

Copy test.ini.example to test.ini and add your specific test settings. In order to run python tests, you have to start solr server and run this command:

$ nosetests

Running Jasmine Specs

First, install jasmine test runner gem:

$ gem install jasmine

Start the WebSocket server in the test mode:

$ python bin/ckan_wss <path_to_ckan_config> - -test

Start the jasmine test runner:

$ rake jasmine

And run the tests in your browser by navigating to localhost:8888 in your browser. Alternatively, execute the tests directly in your shell:

$ rake jasmine:ci