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Own Project: Website with the idea of wordpress but non related and for game servers.
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  • Installation Page

    • Index Page
      • CMS Explanation

      • CMS Requirements

      • Footer

        • CMS Copyright
        • CMS's Date
        • Owner's Name (me :3)
      • First Step - Database Configuration

        • Database Connection
        • Database Creation (If Not Created)
        • Create Tables Needed For The CMS
        • Database Credentials Stored
        • Add A Note To Explain Default Values
      • Second Step - Website Configuration

        • Website Credentials Saved
      • Third Step - Admin Account Configuration

        • Admin account creation
        • Security password set
      • Fourth Step - Installation Success!

        • Install folder rename to installed
        • Give the user information that the website has been installed sucessfully
        • Redirect the user to the main page e.g.
  • SkyCMS

    • Home Page

      • Blog Style/Main Page Scrollable
    • News Page

      • Comments
        • Get Comment
          • (Logged In) Show Comment Input/Textarea
          • (Not Logged In) Show Message
        • Get User
          • On Click Show User Profile
          • Show User Profile Picture
    • Signup Page

    • Login Page

    • About Page

    • FAQ Page

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