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Python library for Telize JSON IP and GeoIP REST API
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The public API of Telize will permanently shut down on November 15th, 2015. More information can be found here.

This project is no longer useful.

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Python lib for Telize JSON IP and GeoIP REST API


Python 2.6 or later


pip install lizepy


import lizepy

Getting your IP

ip = lizepy.get_ip()
>>> ''

Getting GeoIP data

geoip = lizepy.get_geoip('') or lizepy.get_geoip()

# Return None if the field is not present.

geoip.ip or geoip['ip']
geoip.country_code or geoip['country_code']
geoip.country_code3 or geoip['country_code3'] or geoip['country']
geoip.region_code or geoip['region_code']
geoip.region or geoip['region'] or geoip['city']
geoip.postal_code or geoip['postal_code']
geoip.continent_code or geoip['continent_code']
geoip.latitude or geoip['latitude']
geoip.longitude or geoip['longitude']
geoip.dma_code or geoip['dma_code']
geoip.area_code or geoip['area_code']
geoip.asn or geoip['asn']
geoip.isp or geoip['isp']
geoip.timezone or geoip['timezone']
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