Thinking in C++, by Bruce Eckel, formated for Kindle (.mobi format)
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Thinking in C++ :: Volume 1 :: Formatted for Kindle

The book by Bruce Eckel. I took the HTML and wrote a script to reformat it for my 6-inch Kindle. Work is still in progress, but results are good.

This is Volume 1. I'm reading it and I'll format Volume 2 when I'll get to it.


I couldn't find a license to the book, so I contacted the author, Mr. Bruce Eckel, asking for permission. He graciously granted me permission to do this reformatting.

Building it Yourself

I haven't made the builder particularly user friendly (for example it hardcodes the path to the kindlegen utility, expecting it to be at "/opt/kindlegen/kindlegen").

Even so, you can run these commands:

cd builder/
bundle install