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Ultra Orienteering Printer
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Ultra Orienteering Printer

Ultra Orienteering Printer is based on OTIMCON and it is adapted to work with Ultra Orienteering Software.

At the end of race, the participant can get a journal with the route and the timing.


Hardware consists of:

  1. Arduino UNO ( see the image )
  2. RFID RC522 ( see the image )
  3. Pololu Step-Up/Step-Down S18V20F5 ( see the image )
  4. Thermal Printer SparkFun ( see the image )
  5. Battery 12v 5a lead acid ( see the image )
  6. Box 265X185X95
  7. Vipow BAT1132 Charger for the Battery ( see the image )
  8. DC 2,1mm DC SOCKET WITH PIPE ( see the image )
  9. SWITCH 1x16A ON-OFF ( see the image )

It is based on popular orienteering systems, and it's best used for orienteering, trekking, and other sports in which timing on several controls are needed.

Printer Scheme

How to compile

  1. Install Arduino IDE from
  2. Install the drivers CH341SER for Arduino from Requirements\CH341SER\CH341SER\SETUP.exe
  3. Copy the Libraries from Requirements\Libraries to your Documents\Ardiuno folder
  4. Open src/otimcon0_2/
  5. From Tools select Board: Arduino Nano; Port: select the COM port; verify the code and Upload it.

How to configure the Printer

IMPORTANT: When you compile, please unplug the RX / TX pins.

To configure those Check Points use Orientare.exe from CheckPointSoftware\Orientare\bin\Release

Open Orientare.exe and configure your station with MODE > READOUT and press SET to apply.

Remember to select where you want to Save the files on your computer using "File" button or the software will stop running.

How we made it

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