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PHP File Manager

A good solution for managing files and folders for developers who can't access their site over SSH or FTP.

PHP File Manager

WARNING! Do not use this script as a regular file manager in public area. After all actions you must delete this script from the server.


  • PHP 5.2 or higher.
  • Zip extension for zip and unzip actions.
  • Fileinfo, iconv and mbstring extensions are strongly recommended.

How to use

Download ZIP with the latest version from the master branch.

Copy filemanager.php to your website folder and open it in a web browser (e.g. http://yoursite/any_path/filemanager.php).


Default username/password: fm_admin/fm_admin

Warning! Please set your own username and password in $auth_users before use.

To enable or disable authentication set $use_auth to true or false.

For better security enable HTTP Authentication in your web server.


You can include file manager in another script. Just define FM_EMBED and other necessary constants. Example:

class SomeController
    public function actionIndex()
        define('FM_EMBED', true);
        define('FM_SELF_URL', UrlHelper::currentUrl()); // must be set if URL to manager not equal PHP_SELF
        require 'path/to/filemanager.php';

Supported constants:

  • FM_ROOT_URL - default is 'http(s)://site.domain/'
  • FM_SELF_URL - default is 'http(s)://site.domain/' . $_SERVER['PHP_SELF']
  • FM_ICONV_INPUT_ENC - default is 'CP1251'
  • FM_USE_HIGHLIGHTJS - default is true
  • FM_HIGHLIGHTJS_STYLE - default is 'vs'
  • FM_DATETIME_FORMAT - default is 'd.m.y H:i'


Bug tracker

If you have any issues with file manager, you may report them on Issue tracker.


This software is released under the MIT license.

Icons by Yusuke Kamiyamane.