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Pimple service provider for FluentPDO
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FluentPDO Service Provider

Pimple service provider for FluentPDO.


Install provider through Composer:

composer require alexantr/fluentpdo-service-provider "~1.0@dev"

Registering and configuration

$app->register(new \Alexantr\Pimple\Provider\FluentPdoServiceProvider(), array(
    'fpdo.pdo_options' => array(
        'dsn' => 'mysql:dbname=blog;host=localhost;charset=UTF8',
        'username' => 'username',
        'password' => 'password',
    'fpdo.debug' => false,

Usage example

To get first ten records for table "posts":

$posts = $app['fpdo']
    ->where('published_at > ?', $date)
    ->orderBy('published_at DESC')

For more examples see FluentPDO documentation.

Enable debugging

Log queries to STDERR (for console debugging):

$app['fpdo.debug'] = true;

or set callback:

$app['fpdo.debug'] = $app->protect(function (\BaseQuery $query) use ($app) {
    // simple example with logger
    if (isset($app['logger']) && $app['logger'] !== null) {
        $debug_line = array();
        $debug_line[] = 'Query: ' . $q->getQuery(false);
        $debug_line[] = 'Params: ' . implode(', ', $q->getParameters());
        $debug_line[] = 'RowCount: ' . ($q->getResult() ? $q->getResult()->rowCount() : 0);
        $debug_line[] = 'Time: ' . $q->getTime();
        $app['logger']->debug(implode(', ', $debug_line));
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