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Take pictures with a webcam at regular intervals.
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Version: 0.3
Created date: 2012-12-11
Modified date: 2013-06-25


TimeLapser takes an image from a webcam at a regular interval (1 minute). Each image is saved with the time code as the name of the file, making it easy to use the images for documentation purposes or assembling the images into timelapse videos. The application was originally developed for an art project, but can probably be useful for other timelapse applications as well.

TimeLapser screenshot


  1. Open patch
  2. Select video input device
  3. Turn on
  4. Wait for files to be stored on disk

This patch will only store separate image files, which can easily be assembled into timelapse movies using for example Quicktime.


Alexander Refsum Jensenius ---
University of Oslo, Department of Musicology, fourMs lab


Released under the GPL license


v0.3: Cleaning up a little more
v0.2: Removing crap and fixing inputs
v0.1: First working version

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