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Mockito-like annotations for .NET
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Mockito-like annotations for .NET

See MovieFinderTest for a usage example


Visual Studio Package Manager Console:

Install-Package MockAttributes


nuget install MockAttributes

dotnet core:

dotnet add package MockAttributes


By default, MockAttributes assumes you're using Moq, so that it can extract the proxy object generated by Castle DynamicProxy and inject it into the class-under-test.

If you're using hand-rolled mocks or your mocking library doesn't wrap a class around the proxy object in the way that Moq does, you can pass an instance of DefaultProxyObjectExtractor into MockInjector.Inject.

For any other cases, you can implement IProxyObjectExtractor.


  • inject mocks into test class
  • inject mocked objects into class-under-test (for Moq initially, although could be made more general)
  • stand-up class-under-test with mocked objects
  • suppress CS0649 ("Field is never assigned to, and will always have its default value null")
  • support properties
  • unit tests
  • handle classes with multiple dependencies of the same type
  • fallback to property injection if no suitable constructors are found
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