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Purely for my own interest, and to play around with Insomnia's plugin API. Insomnia already has built-in OAuth 2.0 support, so it can be used with OpenId Connect providers. That said, this plugin does have a few advantages:

  • token & auth endpoint discovery
  • backed by an OpenId Connect-certified library (node-openid-client)
  • one-time configuration from the environment
  • automatically attaches token to resource server requests


The plugin expects the configuration to be passed as an environment setting under an oidc key.

key description default
additionalScopes Scopes to add to the authentication request []
redirectUri Redirect uri for the authorization code flow
clockTolerance Allowed drift in seconds when making time comparisions 5
clientId Client identifier
clientSecret Client secret
grantType OpenId Connect/OAuth 2.0 grant type. Client credentials, authorization code, and resource owner credentials are supported. password
issuerUri URI of the identity provider. Used for OIDC discovery.
resourceServerUris A list of URIs that require a bearer token to be passed in the authorization header. []
username The username of the authenticating user. Only required for the password grant.
password Only required for the password grant.
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