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Change Log

All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

As of v0.1.0, this project adheres to Semantic Versioning.


  • Adds ability to "hold" buttons in Macros (thanks @apocolipse)

[0.3.1] - 2016-05-01

  • Replace third party Lato font w/ system fonts. Improves load time.
  • Adds an offline message shown when the client can't contact server

[0.3.0] - 2016-03-13

  • Adds grunt-contrib-cssmin task to combine all CSS requests into one
  • Adds ability to set lirc socket in config.json (thanks @pmgration)
  • Base64 left-arrow.png image to reduce a request
  • Adds application cache manifest file for offline caching

[0.2.4] - 2016-01-13

  • Extracts macros into a standalone lib/macros.js file
  • Adds Favicon (thanks @flochtililoch)
  • Adds npm run test:watch action (thanks @OvisMaximus)
  • Travis build will now run linter
  • Updated dependencies
  • Uses local version of jQuery for testing now

[0.2.3] - 2016-01-03

  • Fixing bug where labels were loaded before config (thanks @flochtililoch)

[0.2.2] - 2016-01-01

  • Removing Makefile for running tests. Only need package.json.
  • Fixing .gitignore error for the global lirc_web build

[0.2.1] - 2015-12-31

  • lirc_web can now be installed globally and called by lirc_web from CLI
  • Adding ESLint to the mix and ensuring all JS conforms to Airbnb ES5 standards

[0.2.0] - 2015-12-30

  • Adding blacklist configuration option to hide unused keys from UI (thanks @OvisMaximus)
  • Adding support for SSL (thanks @de-live-gdev)
  • Fixing example config in the README (thanks @de-live-gdev)
  • Fixes url escaping bug with macros and remotes (issue #23)

[0.1.0] - 2015-12-30

  • Locking npm versions to ensure future install work
  • Adding
  • Adding /refresh link on bottom to reload UI after making changes to LIRC (thanks @f00f)
  • Adding ability to set custom labels on command and remote names (thanks @elysion)
  • Adding Apple mobile app capability, disabling zoom (thanks @elysion)
  • Moving Lato fonts locally to remove external network dependency

[0.0.8] - 2014-01-18

  • Adding macros configuration option
  • Fixing bug with setInterval causing repeaters to potentially never stop

[0.0.7] - 2013-12-29

  • Adding send_start and send_stop support to UI
  • Adding config.json configuration file which allows users to set options
  • Adding repeaters as a configuration file
  • Adding documentation about API to README
  • Setting up proper test suite with LIRC test fixtures

[0.0.6] - 2013-12-01

  • Adding upstart example configuration files

[0.0.5] - 2013-08-21

  • Locking swig dependency due to breaking change in new version
  • urlencode command names (thanks @joe-forbes)

[0.0.4] - 2013-05-16

  • Fixing iOS caching error that was preventing commands from sending

[0.0.3] - 2013-03-31

[0.0.2] - 2013-03-22

  • Include compiled JS and CSS for ease of installation

[0.0.1] - 2013-03-20

  • Initial commit and integration with lirc_node