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SharpTox Build Status

This project aims to provide a simple library that wraps all of the functions found in the Tox library. Tox is a free (as in freedom) Skype replacement.

Feel free to contribute!

Things you'll need

  • The libtox(core, av and dns) library, you should compile that yourself from the ProjectTox GitHub repo. Guidelines on how to do this can be found here. If you don't feel like compiling this yourself, you can find automatic builds for windows here: x86 or x64

Depending on how you compiled the core libraries, the names of those may differ from the defaults in SharpTox. Be sure to change the value of the const string dll in ToxFunctions.cs, ToxAvFunctions.cs, ToxDnsFunctions.cs and ToxEncryptionFunctions.cs accordingly if needed.

Compiling and Testing

Assuming you have the libraries mentioned above installed, it's time to compile (and test) SharpTox.

  • Clone this repository.
  • Open SharpTox.sln in Visual Studio.
  • Let Visual Studio restore the NuGet packages and build the solution.
  • Optionally, run the tests by clicking 'Run All' in the Test Explorer.

Or from the command line (Be sure to install NUnit and NuGet first):

git clone
nuget restore
msbuild /p:Configuration:Debug
nunit-console-x86 SharpTox.Tests/bin/Debug/SharpTox.Tests.dll
  • Install 'mono-complete' (this should include nunit), grab the latest version of NuGet and execute the following commands:
git clone
mono NuGet.exe restore
xbuild /p:Configuration="Debug POSIX"
nunit-console4 SharpTox.Tests/bin/Debug/SharpTox.Tests.dll

If you're having issues obtaining the NuGet packages, try executing: mozroots --import --sync

Looking for precompiled binaries? Check this.

Basic Usage

using System;
using SharpTox.Core;

class Program
    static Tox tox;

    static void Main(string[] args)
        ToxOptions options = new ToxOptions(true, true);

        tox = new Tox(options);
        tox.OnFriendRequestReceived += tox_OnFriendRequestReceived;
        tox.OnFriendMessageReceived += tox_OnFriendMessageReceived;

        foreach (ToxNode node in Nodes)

        tox.Name = "SharpTox";
        tox.StatusMessage = "Testing SharpTox";


        string id = tox.Id.ToString();
        Console.WriteLine("ID: {0}", id);


    //check for an up-to-date list of nodes
    static ToxNode[] Nodes = new ToxNode[]
        new ToxNode("", 33445, new ToxKey(ToxKeyType.Public, "951C88B7E75C867418ACDB5D273821372BB5BD652740BCDF623A4FA293E75D2F")),
        new ToxNode("", 33445, new ToxKey(ToxKeyType.Public, "04119E835DF3E78BACF0F84235B300546AF8B936F035185E2A8E9E0A67C8924F"))

    static void tox_OnFriendMessageReceived(object sender, ToxEventArgs.FriendMessageEventArgs e)
        //get the name associated with the friendnumber
        string name = tox.GetFriendName(e.FriendNumber);

        //print the message to the console
        Console.WriteLine("<{0}> {1}", name, e.Message);

    static void tox_OnFriendRequestReceived(object sender, ToxEventArgs.FriendRequestEventArgs e)
        //automatically accept every friend request we receive


  • Join the official IRC channel #tox-dev on freenode Official Tox Dev IRC Channel


Wrapper library for Tox core, av and dns functions




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