A very simple alternative to i3status, written and configured entirely in Python
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my3status is a very simple alternative to i3status. It is written and configured entirely in Python.

As the name suggests, this is my i3status. I will probably not accept any feature requests, but feel free to submit bug fixes.

Installation and configuration

The installation process consists of a few simple steps.

  • Clone this repository
  • Run pip install --user --upgrade .[volume,net]
  • Copy the example python script below and customize it to your liking
  • Call the script from your i3 config
#!/usr/bin/env python3

from my3status.bar import Bar
from my3status.block import *

def main():
        DiskBlock("ROOT", "/", separator=False),
        DiskBlock("HOME", "/home"),

if __name__ == "__main__":

Writing a custom block

Eventhough my3status wasn't written with widespread use in mind, it is pretty extensible. Here's a simple block that obtains and displays your public IP address.

from my3status.block import Block
import my3status.util as util

import aiohttp
import async_timeout

class IPBlock(Block):
    def __init__(self, interval=60, **kwargs):
        super().__init__("IP", interval=interval, **kwargs)

    async def update(self):
            with async_timeout.timeout(5):
                async with aiohttp.ClientSession() as session:
                    async with session.get("https://icanhazip.com") as res:
                        text = await res.text()
                        value = text.rstrip('\n')
            value = ""
        return self.set_value(value)

    def get_text(self):
        if self._value == "":
            return util.pango_color("ERROR", util.colors["red"])
        return self._value

Obviously, you shouldn't send a request to icanhazip.com every 60 seconds, but you get the idea.