Good enough looking template for error pages, 404s, 500s, and Heroku maintenance mode.
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Maintenance Mode: On

Heroku: Maintenance Mode

Never show users this screen again

There's an issue with creating these static maintenance pages, you have to re-write everything from scratch, pull in styles from your app, and push it up to amazon from another repo. Eliminate a few of the steps by starting from a good place and pushing to the freely hosted Github Pages. Here's how to do it.


  • Fork this repo and make sure to name it specifically for your app
  • Change the text, meta information, favicon, and background image
  • Push to github under the branch name "gh-pages"
  • Get a latte and wait 10 minutes for your page to be live
  • Double-check the URL
  • Once it's live and pretty the way you want it, add the Github Pages URL to Heroku under the settings tab for your app
  • Next time you enable maintenance mode on your app, you'll have a gorgeous page ready to make users smile