Nightmare plugin used to retrieve the network activity of a web page in HAR (HTTP Archive) format
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What is nightmare-har-plugin?

Nightmarejs plugin that uses the electron devtools to capture the network activity of an http request in HAR (HTTP Archive) format.

It extends the nightmare behaviour with 2 extra methods: getHAR() and waitForDevtools(). It also contains a chrome devtools extension used to retrieve the network activity.

Nightmare extended API


Waits for devtools to open so all network requests can be captured. If not executed before the first goto() method, the first requests may be lost because of the async behavior of opening the devtools.


Retrives the HAR information as a json.


Reset the current HAR information.

Plugin API


Installs the extra methods using the Nightmare's action API.


Returns an object with some default devtools options Nightmare needs in order to open devtools shortly after initialization.


npm install nightmare-har-plugin


let Nightmare = require('nightmare')
let harPlugin = require('nightmare-har-plugin')


let options = {
  waitTimeout: 1000

let nightmare = Nightmare(Object.assign(harPlugin.getDevtoolsOptions(), options))

  .then((result) => console.log(JSON.stringify({log: result})))
  .catch((error) => console.error(error))

HAR Visualization


  • Network-har makes use of this plugin to provide a nodejs CLI script and a docker image to easily retrieve network activity for an http request by running electron in headless mode inside the docker container.