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Contains useful shell scripts.
Current contents:
	USAGE: [-i [-f file] | [-a] [-c] [-l length] [-s]] [-f file] service-name]

	Generates a password from a master password and a service name.
	When a service name is used with -a, -c, -l or -s, the flags used are saved in a data file.
	The data file may be specified with -f (default ".genpw_data").

		-i	Saves the master password hash in the data file. Cannot be used with other options except -f.
		-a	Includes an alphabetic character. Overwrites any preferences in the data file.
		-c	Mixed case. If -c is used, -a becomes redundant. Overwrites any preferences in the data file.
		-l	Returns a password of at least a set length. Overwrites any preferences in the data file.
		-s	Append special character '*'. Overwrites any preferences in the data file.
		-f	Use a specified data file. Default is "dir/.genpw_data" where dir is the directory containing
	Echos the input to stdin, including newlines.
	Removes dependencies listed by gcc -MM from a Makefile.
	USAGE: test_program test_data

	Runs test_program on the the inputs in the test_data file.
	Reports any output which differs from the expected output.

	test_data file format:
		The character '#' begins a comment.
		Excluding comments, the file consists of blocks of the form
		seperated by a blank line. The file must end with a blank line as well.
		NOTE: Currently the input and output cannot contain the character ';'.