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#ifndef __ARRAY_H
#define __ARRAY_H
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
struct array {
void *data;
long long allocated;
long long initialized;
typedef struct array array;
void *array_allocate(struct array *a, long long member_size, long long n);
void array_free(struct array *a);
static inline void *array_get(struct array *a, long long member_size, long long n) {
/* long long wanted = n * member_size;
if (wanted < 0) {
return 0;
return (char *)a->data + n * member_size;
static inline long long array_length(struct array *a, long long member_size) {
return a->initialized / member_size;
static inline void *array_start(struct array *a) {
return a->data;
static inline void array_catb(struct array *a, char *buffer, long long n) {
long long l = a->initialized;
array_allocate(a, sizeof(char), l + n - 1);
memcpy((char *)a->data + l, buffer, n);
static inline void array_strip(struct array *a, long long member_size, long long n) {
char *b = a->data;
memcpy(b, b + member_size * n, a->initialized - member_size * n);
a->initialized -= member_size * n;
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