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#ifndef __STREAM_H
#define __STREAM_H
#include "array.h"
#include "loop.h"
typedef void (*st_read_callback) (char *, long long, void *);
typedef void (*st_close_callback) (void *);
typedef void (*st_write_callback) (void *);
struct stream {
int fd;
struct loop *loop;
array buffer;
array out_buffer;
int events;
int pending_callbacks;
enum {
} condition_type;
union {
char *delimiter;
long long bytes;
} condition;
struct {
st_read_callback callback;
void *user_data;
} read_callback;
struct {
st_write_callback callback;
void *user_data;
} write_callback;
struct {
st_close_callback callback;
void *user_data;
} close_callback;
void st_init(struct stream *s, struct loop *loop, int fd);
void st_set_write_callback(struct stream *s, st_write_callback cb, void *user_data);
void st_set_close_callback(struct stream *s, st_close_callback cb, void *user_data);
void st_read_until(struct stream *s, char *delimiter, st_read_callback cb, void *user_data);
void st_read_bytes(struct stream *s, long long bytes, st_read_callback cb, void *user_data);
void st_writes(struct stream *stream, const char *s);
void st_writes_free(struct stream *stream, const char *s);
void st_writef(struct stream *stream, int fd, long long offset, long long length);
void st_writef_close(struct stream *stream, int fd, long long offset, long long length);
void st_close(struct stream *s);
int st_is_closed(struct stream *s);
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