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# the next line restarts using wish \
exec wish "$0" "$@"
# This was largely cribbed from the TCL demo code. My TCL skills weren't
# that great when I last used it about ten years ago and my Tk skills never
# existed before. So be kind.
set font {Helvetica 14}
set ifile {}
set ofile {}
set use_shortnames 0
proc positionWindow w {
wm geometry $w +300+300
proc showCmd w {
global ifile ofile use_shortnames ftyperead ftypewrite
set cmd "gpsbabel -i $ftyperead -f $ifile"
if {$use_shortnames > 0} {
set cmd [concat $cmd "-s"]
set cmd [concat $cmd "-o $ftypewrite -F $ofile"]
eval exec $cmd
# tk_messageBox -icon info -message $cmd
set w .filebox
catch {destroy $w}
toplevel $w
wm title $w "gpsbabel"
wm iconname $w "filebox"
positionWindow $w
#label $w.msg -font $font -wraplength 4i -justify left -text "Enter a file name in the entry box or click on the \"Browse\" buttons to select a file name using the file selection dialog."
#pack $w.msg -side top
frame $w.buttons
pack $w.buttons -side bottom -fill x -pady 2m
button $w.buttons.dismiss -text End -command "destroy $w"
button $w.buttons.code -text OK -command "showCmd $w"
pack $w.buttons.dismiss $w.buttons.code -side left -expand 1
foreach i {read write} {
set f [frame $w.$i]
set ftype "ftype$i"
label $f.lab -text "Select a file to $i: " -anchor e
entry $f.ent -width 20
button $f.but -text "Browse ..." -command "fileDialog $w $f.ent $i"
# TODO: Get this list from 'gpsbabel -?' instead of hardcoding it here.
tk_optionMenu $f.ftypes $ftype geo gpsman gpx \
magellan mapsend pcx mapsource gpsutil tiger csv xmap dna psp \
cetus gpspilot magnav garmin mxf holux ozi tpg tpo igc baroiq
pack $f.lab -side left
pack $f.ent -side left -expand yes -fill x
pack $f.but -side left
pack $f -fill x -padx 1c -pady 3
pack $f.ftypes -side right -padx 45
set ftyperead "geo"
set ftypewrite "mapsend"
checkbutton $w.strict -text "Make Up Shortnames" \
-variable use_shortnames -onvalue 1 -offvalue 0
pack $w.strict -anchor c
proc fileDialog {w ent operation} {
# Type names Extension(s) Mac File Type(s)
set types {
{"All files" * }
{"loc files" {.loc} }
{"Waypoint files" {.wpt} }
{"GPX files" {.gpx} }
{"Various Palm/OS files" {.pdb} }
global ifile ofile
if {$operation == "read"} {
set ifile [tk_getOpenFile -filetypes $types -parent $w]
if [string compare $ifile ""] {
$ent delete 0 end
$ent insert 0 $ifile
$ent xview end
} ;
} else {
set ofile [tk_getSaveFile -filetypes $types -parent $w \
-initialfile Untitled ]
if [string compare $ofile ""] {
$ent delete 0 end
$ent insert 0 $ofile
$ent xview end
} ;
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