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Google FastButton

An implementation of Google's FastButton javascript, to avoid the 300ms touch delay on Android and iOS devices. Code forked from:

  • Doesn't break in IE6-8, Chrome 17, Firefox 11, or Windows Phone 7.5
  • Touch support tested in Android 2.3 (Nexus S) and IOS 5 (iPad 2)
  • google.fastbutton.js The javascript, no dependencies
  • Provides a nice event handler using XUI
  • Provides a nice event handler using jQuery
  • Added a method destroy() to cleanup event handlers etc


new FastButton(document.getElementById('your-button'), function() {

jQuery Usage

$('#your-button').fastClick(function(e) {
  alert('fast clicked!');

XUI Usage

x$('#your-button').fastClick(function(e) {
  alert('fast clicked!');
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