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Ansible for provisioning my computers.
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This is a repository of Ansible playbooks and roles that configure my laptops and workstations.


These playbooks support only the latest releases of:

  • Fedora Workstation
  • Ubuntu (LTS)
  • macOS

There are a few manual steps required on each of these platforms. First, install all available updates and reboot; once updated:

  • On Fedora Workstation you must first install python2-dnf, and libselinux-python before running.
  • On MacOS, you'll need to:
    • Install XCode CLI tools: xcode-select --install
    • Install Homebrew

Then you can install Ansible through either your favourite package manager or pip. These playbooks require at least Ansible 2.8, so you may need to install through pip to ensure you have a more recent version than your distro provides.


Run these playbooks as an unprivileged user (with sudo access). Pass --ask-become-pass to have Ansible prompt for sudo authentication before running.

$ ansible-playbook --ask-become-pass workstation.yml

There are two playbooks available:

  • workstation.yml for desktop/laptop workstations (GUI tools included);
  • headless.yml for headless Linux installs (CLI tools only).

Known Problems

There appears to be a weird bug when using Mitogen, where become_user on a localhost run will cause permission errors because it tries to os.chdir to the directory where Ansible is running -- which, for this repo, is likely within your home directory (which an unprivileged user can't read). Therefore, it's encouraged to disable Mitogen when running these playbooks until a workaround or fix is found.



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