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how I use my computer
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This is what I use every day for work, play, and everything else.

You may also like bootstart: the Ansible playbooks I use to provision my workstations/laptops.

Setup is very easy:

$ ./install

The script will symlink all the configs into the right place in the home folder.

If you want it to remove existing files to ensure they're fresh and overwritten, you can run:

$ FORCE=1 ./install

If you want it to echo every command it will run without actually changing anything, you can set DEBUG to any value before running:

$ DEBUG=1 ./install

Platform-specific configuration

By default, only platform-agnostic configuration is installed (such as vim, git, etc). However, Linux and macOS have specific software that also needs to be configured, but I didn't want those to be spewed all over each other unnecessarily.

So, dotfiles are split into three groups: macOS, linux, and common. common is always installed, and linux and macos can be passed as arguments to the script to install those respective platform-specific configs.

For example:

$ ./install linux


There are also dconf schema dumps for some Gnome settings. Another script is included to manage these dumps. Just run it to restore the dump:

$ ./dconf

And to regenerate them from the current dconf settings:

$ ./dconf dump
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