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clone, or install with npm: npm install bucket


bucket is a library for working with amazon web service's s3 service

bucket uses deferred callbacks, which means you can chain callbacks, or define them at later points, very easily.

for example: bucket().get(filename).success(function(file) { console.log(file); });

deferreds can be chained: .success(function() {}).failure(function() {}) etc

if you don't care about failures, just don't set that callback

success and failure are special helper callbacks. they try to be smart about what they return. 

get a file with a json header - success will parse the json for you. bucket tries to give you just what you need

bucket is oriented around the idea that you usually work within a single bucket, so it is designed for this case.

var bucket = require('bucket').init(TOKEN, SECRET, BUCKET);

if you want more than one bucket or S3 account, just do var bucket = require('bucket'); var myBucket = bucket.init(), myBucket2 = bucket.init();

example get
bucket().get("user_details.json").success(func(user) { console.log(user.name); }));
example put
bucket().put("user_details.json", {name: "Alex Bosworth"})
bucket().put(objectName, data, [{options}])
options can include <headers> <meta> <binaryBuffer> <acl> <readStream> 

.complete(func(){}) < fires immediately and includes err, response, [responseData]
.success(func(){}) < if there is no failure, returns [responseData (cleaned)]
.failure(func(){}) < any failure returns err here.
.finished(func(){}) < fires after everything else.

bucket is licensed under the MIT License