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WebAssembly Demo

A simple WebAssembly demo as a continuation to the lecture given at Fatec Mogi das Cruzes (at Nov. 6th, 2018).

If you can read Portuguese, I recommend you take a look at the article related to this repo in my personal website.

This demo uses Emscripten to compile a simple C program (that calculates and prints the first Fibonacci sequence numbers) to WebAssembly (.wasm).

To run the demo, you just need to download this repo and open up main.html with a modern web browser (Firefox 52+ highly recommended, since it does not work locally in other browsers out of the box).

Compiling main.c

If you want to play with the demo and maybe change the algorithm a little bit, use the following command to compile the C program and to generate an updated main.html file:

emcc main.c -s WASM=1 -s EXIT_RUNTIME=1 -o main.html

Bare in mind that in order to compile to WebAssembly you will need to have Emscripten installed and configured on your local env. See this article for more info on how to setup Emscripten.


A demo on how to compile a C program to WebAssembly (using Emscripten).



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