Circuitscape provider plugin for QGIS Processing framework
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Circuitscape for Processing
Circuitscape is a free software package that borrows algorithms from electronic
circuit theory to predict connectivity in heterogeneous landscapes. Its most
common applications include modeling movement and gene flow of plants and
animals, as well as identifying areas important for connectivity conservation.
Circuit theory complements commonly-used connectivity models because of its
connections to random walk theory and its ability to simultaneously evaluate
contributions of multiple dispersal pathways.

Processing is a geoprocessing environment that can be used to call native and
third party algorithms from QGIS, making your spatial analysis tasks more
productive and easy to accomplish.

This plugin implements Circuitscape provider for QGIS Processing framework.
Requires QGIS >= 3.0

Developed by Alexander Bruy for Faunalia ( funded by Prof.
António Mira (University of Évora, Portugal, Unidade de Biologia da Conservação)
and Dr. Rosana Peixoto PhD.