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UPGRADE to Symfony 2.1

JQuery Chosen

Widget option cannot specify the choice type anymore, you have to append the widget in the type name instead :

Before :

    ->add('country', 'genemu_jquerychosen', array(
        'widget' => 'country',

Now :

$formBuilder->add('country', 'genemu_jquerychosen_country');

JQuery Autocompleter

Same instructions than Chosen.


Routing is defined in xml files instead of annotations (to remove the depency with SensioFrameworkExtraBundle)

Before :

# app/config/routing.yml
   resource: "@GenemuFormBundle/Controller/Base64Controller.php"
   type:     annotation

Now :

# app/config/routing.yml
   resource: "@GenemuFormBundle/Resources/config/routing/base64.xml"


The 'position' option has been removed, if you had it set to 'right', you should add your own template for this type.