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Solution by: Alex Cash and Brian Anders

Videos and Details as to our specific robot will be posted to
under 'Coding' soon. This solution took 2nd place at the 2011 MICS competition.
The winning robot while much faster, only rode outer walls, and therefore could
not complete nearly as complex puzzles as our robot. This solution can theoretically
solve any puzzle within the constraints. When calibrated properly the robot solved 
every problem we created for it.

The source is written entirely in Java with help of the LEJOs library 
( to be used on a Lego Mindstorms NXJ unit
( The code was written for
the Lejos 0.85 beta library, which is now far out of date. As such a copy
of this library is included with the repo so that you don't have to go find
it. These .java files will NOT compile with the latest version of Lejos

The MotorTest and are both seperate programs to be 
used to help calibrate the robot, and will produce independent .nxj files.
robitController deals with the movement and logic, is the model for our
data collection. and Mach2 makes all of these work in concert. courtesy of university of colorado: More documentation
commented within the file.


This Alex Cash and Brian Ander's 2nd Place solution to the MICS 2011 robotics competition, as well as the source to our 2012 solution



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