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Michael Dillard and Alex Caulfield, Self-Driving Car User Interface

Product Description

This interface is designed for the passengers in the front seat of a self-driving car. The interface will be a touch screen on the front dashboard in the middle of the car, and will activate when the car is started. The interface is not designed to be utilized while driving; it is purely for self-driving cars as it requires the user to look at and pay attention to the interface when interacting with it. The interface will include features such as setting a route, playing music, controlling air conditioning, and viewing the car’s status (current fuel efficiency, miles til empty, etc).


  • Routing
    • Can show directions from one location to another, and can add additional stops
  • Music
    • Can play music from both user's Spotify and the Radio
  • A/C
    • Has control over the car's A/C unit and fan system
  • Car Status
    • Shows current status of car in terms of outside weather and amount of time until next required fill up of fuel

This interface has not been formally tested on a self-driving car. It currently has only been used on touchscreen PCs and tablets, with no connection to other devices.