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@@ -361,15 +361,15 @@ XmlXPathSelector examples
Here's a couple of :class:`XmlXPathSelector` examples to illustrate several
-concepts. In all cases we assume there is already a :class:`XmlPathSelector`
+concepts. In both cases we assume there is already an :class:`XmlPathSelector`
instantiated with a :class:`~scrapy.http.Response` object like this::
- x = HtmlXPathSelector(xml_response)
+ x = XmlPathSelector(xml_response)
1. Select all ``<product>`` elements from a XML response body, returning a list of
:class:`XPathSelector` objects (ie. a :class:`XPathSelectorList` object)::
2. Extract all prices from a `Google Base XML feed`_ which requires registering
a namespace::

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