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#rubyconf “I’m a X programmer” (where X in {Java, .html
#w00tstock Seattle- Adam Savage says 'WTF, TSA-' -.html
' As a policy matter, Boehner's argument is patent.html
' The Timeline organizes nesting based on event ca.html
'4. Selective enforcement is unfair and unsettling.html
'A liberal is a man too broadminded to take his ow.html
'According to the data, whenever a city doubles in.html
'Again, this isn’t hindsight; I was frantic about .html
'Against Nostalgia'- a brave critique of Steve Job.html
'All of this is fine, if one recognizes that the i.html
'Although fearful owners may fret about voiding th.html
'Americans needed their president to tell them a s.html
'America’s net indebtedness is a perfectly afforda.html
'And therein lies the fundamental, though not imme.html
'And we hate the rich- Come on. Success is the nat.html
'Anonymous’ hackers were able to exploit the PHP s.html
'Aside from the question of whether the crisis wou.html
'At a certain level, it's a semantics fight. Wheth.html
'Babe, in class today I learned that I am a variab.html
'But I expected that even as he inevitably comprom.html
'California used to spend about six times as much .html
'Democrats Decided to Pick a Fight' - Slate Blogs.html
'Do I still think the iPad is “cynical”- I think i.html
'Environmentalists have long warned that the reser.html
'Except — shucks — there’s one problem with this m.html
'Fiscal conservatism' in need of a reevaluation - .html
'Four in 10 Americans “strongly” disapprove of how.html
'Here is one lesson we can draw from the mostly ne.html
'I am ranting because I want to drop Cocoa and go .html
'I made sure to keep an email list, and cherish it.html
'I really am not interested in the Bush-v-Obama, r.html
'I will say that the damage that the filibuster I .html
'I wish I would have had the foresight to hire som.html
'I'm Singing in the rain', Gene Kelly - alexchaffe.html
'I'm proposing to make my school a prison' - TYWKI.html
'I've lost track of how many concessions Democrats.html
'If [Obama] had truly wanted a clean debt ceiling .html
'If every person in the world was like Sarah Palin.html
'In 2008, according to an analysis of fingers cut .html
'In attempting to harm Adobe and Google, Apple is .html
'In most F2P games, players can buy “XP boosts” th.html
'Instead of gracing comic book covers, the CBLDF w.html
'It is 10 times more secure to use “this is fun” a.html
'It seems unlikely that he’d name himself for a de.html
'It's one of the oldest and saddest stories in hum.html
'J2EE was built for a world of application distrib.html
'Just so we're clear, in a 59-41 Senate, with the .html
'Look what we're up against' - 2011 Political Anim.html
'Mad Libs' Style Form Increases Conversion 25-40% .html
'Make no mistake- Republicans are still running th.html
'Method- simply place your black hole on the surfa.html
'Mission Dolores Park is being loved to death' -- .html
'Mr. Obama, having just cut a painful deal with Re.html
'Much of what investment bankers do is socially wo.html
'My Frame was approved by Apple 3 times (once for .html
'My name is Ozymamdias, King of Kings'.html
'Nancy Pelosi is the Michael Jordan of vote counti.html
'Not to put too fine a point on it, but this is a .html
'Obama might have campaigned in 2008 as the inspir.html
'Obama tax cuts' - Political Animal.html
'Obama's most loyal supporters often mock the noti.html
'Obama’s St. Crispin’s Day speech to the Democrati.html
'On closer inspection we noticed that iTunes didn’.html
'Paul says that he only stumbled on the contract w.html
'Personally, I think the outrage should be over th.html
'Portuguese Prime Minister Jose Socrates, one of t.html
'President Barack Obama abruptly walked out of a s.html
'Programmers spend a lot of their time looking for.html
'Psychologists studying the effects of a meditatio.html
'Republicans bitterly opposed even the modest infr.html
'Should the pope resign-' - Slog- Dan Savage.html
'So a software developer tries to do everything an.html
'So he believes early humans formed into hunting p.html
'So really, rather than the standard story – first.html
'So why were Reid and Obama so eager to celebrate .html
'Software is still the organization of sequence, s.html
'Some of us have long complained about the cult of.html
'Some people have alleged Barack Obama sympathizes.html
'Spider' by Doctor Popular - alexchaffee's YouTube.html
'Such was the frustration among the wonks [in the .html
'Swapping parking and the bike lane might seem sma.html
'That Mr. Cuomo’s accomplishment pertains to same-.html
'The Democrats aren’t failing to stand up to Repub.html
'The President does not have power under the Const.html
'The biggest problem with MRU is that it breaks ha.html
'The cool thing about SC2 is, you love to play the.html
'The current philosophy underlying most of the rea.html
'The destruction of the world’s major fisheries ha.html
'The fact is that after a campaign that appealed s.html
'The long-term effort to reform the filibuster did.html
'The plan is designed to give President Obama the .html
'The telephone was an aberration in human developm(2).html
'The telephone was an aberration in human developm.html
'The thought suddenly crosses your mind that you m.html
'There's no public debate about whether or not we .html
'This is an extremely strong beer; it should be en.html
'This seems to be one of those places where 'commo.html
'To call this sociopathic behavior on the part of .html
'To the average American, who was still staring in.html
'Tourists are rare in the Mission, but they do see.html
'Tree removal commenced last week and will be comp.html
'Turning an eastbound lane of an already narrow an.html
'Under the legislation, now heading to President O.html
'Unless we are open to new ideas, and not just new.html
'Unlike you humans, I can continue to upgrade,' Sp.html
'Users don't change settings' is right up there wi.html
'Want to know if your ‘HTML application’ is part o.html
'We continue to wait and hope that our president w.html
'We have over 100,000 customers and do not track w.html
'What developers see is that the App Store is a sh.html
'What would I do if I were Obama- Other than resig.html
'Whatever happened to just fixing the irrigation a.html
'When Dr. King spoke of the great arc bending towa.html
'When Obama debuted on the national stage at the 2.html
'Whether or not' he's 'itching for a fight' - Poli.html
'While both men called for calm, behind the scenes.html
'Worst of all, this is a vision that says even tho.html
'You know you’ve lived in the Mission for too long.html
'[Obama's] big, perhaps unexpectedly satisfying sp.html
'[W]e’ve set the precedent…. We’re going to insist.html
'and and or, despite an apparent similarity to && .html
'once the device has been set up, a second user ta.html
'the end of recess appointments' -- amazing how th.html
'we have a jobs crisis, not a debt crisis. The lon.html
(I-VT) - Gerry Canavan.html
(Subbed) Nuclear Boy うんち・おならで例える原発解説 - alexchaffee.html
(title unknown) - Mission Dolores Park.html
(via 8 Websites You Need to Stop Building - The Oa.html
(via The Hobbit- An Unexpected Journey Pictures - .html
- Deactivating means you can still be tagged in ph.html
--( The question is, is this 'wave' statistically .html
--(--NorCal dog owners howl over proposed leash ru.html
-Cow Clicker- Boils Down Facebook Games - Slashdot.html
... A THOUSAND CUTS - alexchaffee's YouTube Activi.html
...also because Apple doesn't allow basic backgrou.html
091811krugman3-blog480.jpg - graphics8.nytimes.com.html
1. Huh- Is it because of memory leaks- Why doesn't.html
10 Free Wireframing Tools for Designers - Mashable.html -- Content -- - Urban Dictionary - .html
2010 moments of pure crazy (Part 2!) - Comics.html
2010 moments of pure crazy - Comics.html
2011-08-02 - Flickr - (photo - ).html
25 Things We Learned During the Debt Crisis - Croo.html
3D Video Capture with Kinect - alexchaffee's YouTu.html
5 Essential Superhero Redesigns! - Indistinguishab.html
6 Mistakes That Cost Democrats Dearly- - Gerry Can.html
73 Hours - Gerry Canavan.html
99 year-old loves her first computer -- an iPad - .html
A Case for Lifelong Kindergarten - MindShift.html
A Debate Over What Kinds of Rights Should Have Pri.html
A Feature, Not a Bug - Balloon Juice.html
A Good Man Forced By Tragic Circumstance To Do Bad.html
A Hacker's Guide to Recent Hacks - On The Media - .html
A Little Perspective - Candleblog.html
A Sane Response . . . - Emails From Crazy People.html
A Walkthrough of Ruby In The Web Browser using Iro.html
A bipartisan group of legislators won't give up on.html
A constructive suggestion for retribution against .html
A farmer in Iceland photographs the volcano’s erup.html
A great side dish for your next new moon barbecue..html
A guy gets stabbed and beaten at 1-30 AM, so the p.html
A new Vibration-power Generating Battery (VpGB) ha.html
A new app store for HTML5 iPhone apps, with a nice.html
A taxpayer bringing home $100,000 a year pays the .html
A=-B != B=-A This reminds me of a study of how 'in.html
Abby Researching SF Props.html
Abby and I get buzzed by cars nearly every day cro.html
Abby at Fort Funston.html
About time. This is on par with offering free bath.html
Absolutely correct. Hypothetical 'incitement' is n.html
Across the pond - 2011 Political Animal.html
Actual news article at http---www.sfgate.com-cgi-b.html
Actually I'm at Dolores Park right now too--Everyo.html
Adidas Adizero f50 football boot is smarter than y.html
Adventures in Depression - Hyperbole and a Half.html
Advice From An Old Programmer — Learn Python The H.html
Aerial photos of the oil slick - TED Blog.html
After upgrading to Lion, did you find your trusty..html
Agile Backlash- Or Career Wakeup Call- - Test Obse.html
Agile’s Second Chasm (and how we fell in) - Agile .html
Agreed. This show is doing truly amazing things. A.html
Alan Moore Tribute by Alex Ross - Comic Art Apprec.html
Alka-Seltzer added to spherical water drop in micr.html
All You Did Was Weaken A Country Today - TechCrunc.html
Along Came a Spider - Hipster, please!- +1 blog of.html
Amanda + Jason Wedding(2).html
Amanda + Jason Wedding(3).html
Amanda + Jason Wedding(4).html
Amanda + Jason Wedding.html
Amazon Prime Instant Video Now Streaming Free To P.html
Amazon to Roll Out Grocery Delivery Service - Mash.html
Amazon’s $23,698,655.93 book about flies - www.mic.html
Americans’ Acceptance of Gay Relations Crosses 50%.html
America’s Best State - Gerry Canavan.html
America’s Credit Rating - DOGHOUSE.html
An Unbalanced Budget Amendment - Marginal Revoluti.html
Anarchy and Austerity - Gerry Canavan.html
Animal and human behaviour- Manager's best friend .html
Announcing the Launch of iKan, the Personal Kanban.html
Another first from the Pinko Mountains--Boston.com.html
Another victory for the Bush administration! TARP .html
App Of The Day - The Daily Dish - By Andrew Sulliv.html
Apple Releases Utility to Create Lion Recovery USB.html
Apple Steve Jobs The Crazy Ones - NEVER BEFORE AIR.html
Apple bans Scratch from iPhone and iPad - Wadler's.html
Apple iPad Already Jailbroken [Ipad] - Gizmodo.html
Apple iPhone 4- Hands-on review - Boing Boing.html
Apple's Ping Overrun with Spam - ReadWriteWeb.html
Are playgrounds too safe- - kottke.org.html
As Gerry says, 'Reveling in the fact that they kno.html
As usual, PKrug is correct, and Obama will fail to.html
Ash and Lightning Above an Icelandic Volcano - Ast.html
At The Hour Of Our Death, Ctd - The Daily Dish - B.html
Atheists no longer the most unpopular group in Ame.html
Atlas Ducked- Rand Paul & The Crouching Weasel Tec(2).html
Atlas Ducked- Rand Paul & The Crouching Weasel Tec.html
Atrios- bill daley sure to bring underrepresented .html
August 1, 2011.html
August 11, 2011.html
August 13, 2011.html
August 14, 2011.html
August 15, 2011.html
August 17, 2011.html
August 18, 2011.html
August 19, 2011(2).html
August 19, 2011.html
August 23, 2011.html
August 24, 2011.html
August 26, 2011.html
August 27, 2011.html
August 28, 2011.html
August 29, 2011.html
August 30, 2011.html
August 31, 2011.html
August 4, 2011.html
August 9, 2011.html
Awooooooo...! - alexchaffee's YouTube Activity(2).html
Awooooooo...! - alexchaffee's YouTube Activity(3).html
Awooooooo...! - alexchaffee's YouTube Activity.html
Axelrod signals surrender on tax policy - Politica.html
Axis Of Awesome - 4 Four Chord Song (with song tit(2).html
Axis Of Awesome - 4 Four Chord Song (with song tit.html
BDD-style testing for iPhone projects - All Pivots.html
BED INTRUDER SONG!!! (now on iTunes) - alexchaffee.html
BED INTRUDER SONG!!! - alexchaffee's YouTube Activ.html
BEST Remix ~Autotunethenews~ ANTOINE DODSON~ Run a.html
BREAKING- Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin Makes History.html
Back Yard Tour.html
Bank Conglomeration- This is Why We Occupy Wall St.html
Barack Herbert Hoover Obama - NYTimes.com - krugma.html
Barney Frank Questions the Questions at NPR - FAIR.html
Basic Ruby Webapp Performance Tuning (Rails or Sin.html
Batman logo in equation form - Boing Boing.html
Be Yourself for a Living- The Vision - kadavy.net.html
Beethoven 5th Symphony (No. 5, graphical score ani.html
Before I didn't even know that 'quart' stands for .html
Bennington Police Chief Paul Doucette looks at a c.html
Bernie Sanders Filibusters Tax Cuts NOW - Crooks a.html
Bernie!!! 'The analysis by the George Washington U.html
Best DMG installer layout ever. (RubyMine for OSX).html
Beyond Frustration- Three levels of happy design -.html
Bike Sharing Coming to SF! - Mission Mission » Ral.html
Bill Barol on the Hipstamatic - Boing Boing.html
Bill Maher - Job Creators - alexchaffee's YouTube .html
Bin Laden’s Code Name Was ‘Geronimo’ - zunguzungu .html
Bird dog.html
Birthday Moustache.html
Blowing Up HTML5 Video and Mapping It Into 3D Spac.html
Bluetooth Classic - IDEO Labs.html
Boil water to charge your mobile- new invention - .html
Boom is not meant to contain or catch oil. Boom is.html
Brain Rules- 12 Principles for Surviving and Thriv.html
Breaking - Talking Points Memo.html
Breaking- Proposed 17th and Folsom Park Will Be Gr.html
Brendan Eich in 2008, lamenting (but not fighting).html
Brilliant- 'The reason [Kryptonite] causes harm to.html
Broaching the inviolable motivations line - Politi.html
Buffett- Eliminate the Debt Ceiling - Gerry Canava.html
Burying the lede- 'GitHub now automatically suppor.html
But what do they want- - Comics.html
Buzz doesn't let me Share, re-Share, re-tweet, etc.html
Buzz keeps saying 'Oops, there was an error postin.html
Buzz really turned up the heat on my Reader follow.html
By the way, has anyone else noticed that Obama is .html
CHATROULOLZ Collects Great Chatroulette Screencaps.html
COINTELPRO 2.0 - Shahid Buttar.html
Call in the -b-tards!--Stolen Dog Found After Seve.html
Campaign Button Of The Day - The Daily Dish - By A.html
Car drives into crowd of people during World Serie(2).html
Car drives into crowd of people during World Serie.html
Cat gets caught barking by a human and resumes meo.html
Change -You- Can Believe In - Gerry Canavan.html
Change We Can… No, the Other Thing - Gerry Canavan.html
Chart Of The Day - The Daily Dish - By Andrew Sull(2).html
Chart Of The Day - The Daily Dish - By Andrew Sull.html
Chart of the Day - Matthew Yglesias.html
Chewbacca fights Nazis while riding mutant squirre.html
Chris Ball- Computers that aren't computers - Plan.html
Christmas bait 'Well now. You see, both sides do d.html
Circumstances Under Which I Will Remember Your Bir.html
CityMint- Take Your Sloth To The Next Level - Miss.html
Class War - Gerry Canavan.html
Clean up your shit. - Queen Larbs of Strumpet Vall.html
Client- ”Obviously we need the site to be deeply s.html
Closer to sentencing sanity - Political Animal.html
Coffee doesn't make you more alert - The Guardian .html
CoffeeScript- Spartan JavaScript - giant robots sm.html
Colbert Nation - Gerry Canavan.html
Collaborative Design Workbook - Carbon Five Commun.html
Come to the meeting this Wednesday at 6-00 and hel.html
Comic for March 13, 2010 - Dilbert Daily Strip.html
Comment on Defending the President (from my libera(2).html
Comment on Defending the President (from my libera.html
Contractors Begin Dismantling Playground - Dolores.html
Conventional Wisdom Watch - The Daily Dish - By An.html
Coool. They also look like they're moving.--This i.html
Correct Answer - Gerry Canavan.html
Cottage Bathroom Tour(2).html
Cottage Bathroom Tour.html
Cottage Tour.html
Coudal Partners - Perfect - coudal.com.html
Counterfeit Pilot IDs and Uniforms Will Now Be Suf.html
Crackdown Deja Vu - Dolores Park Works.html
Create jobs, lower the deficit - 2011 Political An.html
Cthulhu Emoticon - Neatorama.html
DADT relegated to the trash heap of history - Poli.html
Damn, Tourists! - Burrito Justice.html
Dare I say- Privacy FAIL. See also http---www.msnb.html
Dawkins vs. Tyson - alexchaffee's YouTube Activity.html
Dawkins- 'religion = child abuse' http---www.youtu.html
Dear Apple, How come all my sidebar icons are disa.html
Debt Ceiling Alignment Chart - Gerry Canavan.html
Debt Ceiling Deal- The Democrats Take a Dive - Rol.html
Defending the President (from my liberal friends) .html
Democrats Could Lose Up To 8,000 Seats In Upcoming.html
Democrats Decide On Political Suicide - The New Re.html
Democrats lost big because young voters stayed hom.html
Democrats, Health Care Reform, And The Center - Th.html
Democrats- too stupid (and-or corrupt) to live. Wh.html
Dems shouldn't fear a popular position - Political.html
Desensitized - 2011 Political Animal.html
Design for Hackers (the book) is here! - kadavy.ne.html
Designing GitHub for Mac - Warpspire.html
Destroying the Republic in Order to Save It - Gerr.html
Did SFPD Take Their Eye Off the Ball- - Dolores Pa.html
Disgusted to wake up & hear Obama & Reid crowing h.html
Dislike--Craigslist Censored- Adult Section Comes .html
Do first things first with Cohuman - alexchaffee's(2).html
Do first things first with Cohuman - alexchaffee's.html
Does The Money Have to Come From Somewhere- - Matt.html
Dogs hanging out at the north slope.html
Doing what they were elected to do - Political Ani.html
Dolores Park 20 Years Ago - Mission Mission » Mad .html
Dolores Park Community Meeting Recap - Mission Mis.html
Dolores Park Community Meeting, Sept 1 - Dolores P.html
Dolores Park Poised for Big Changes - Uptown Alman.html
Dolores Park Rehab Project to make very big decisi.html
Dolores Park Revovation Workshop #3 - Dolores Park.html
Dolores Park Sunrise - Uploads from purplepix(2).html
Dolores Park Sunrise - Uploads from purplepix.html
Dolores Park Sunrise.html
Dolores Park, south lawn, morning after Labor Day.html
Doodling in Math Class- Snakes + Graphs - alexchaf.html
Doodling in Math Class- Squiggle Inception - alexc(2).html
Doodling in Math Class- Squiggle Inception - alexc.html
Doonesbury for Sunday, July 04, 2010 - Doonesbury.html
Double Rainbow MC Frontalot PAX - alexchaffee's Yo.html
Drill, Baby, Drill - Gerry Canavan.html
Driscoll Middle School Trick Play - alexchaffee's .html
Drunk History Vol. 6 Featuring John C. Reilly, and.html
Ducks Gather In Barrel - Slog- Dan Savage.html
E3 2010- first gameplay video of Valve's Portal 2 .html
Earthquake in Chile - The Big Picture.html
Edward Tufte Presidential Appointment - Daring Fir.html
Egypt - zunguzungu.html
Electron Boy... now with local news video! Child's.html
Elizabeth Warren Out as Possible Head of Consumer .html
Elizabeth Warren on Debt Crisis, Fair Taxation - a(2).html
Elizabeth Warren on Debt Crisis, Fair Taxation - a.html
Energizing more than just the GOP base, cont'd - P.html
Enjoying a gorgeous sunny Sunday morning in Dolore.html
Entering the final stretch, an ugly finish line aw.html
Epic Google Reader Thread on Hacker News at Alex K.html
Episode 100 of PoliSciFi Radio is up at http---bit(2).html
Episode 100 of PoliSciFi Radio is up at http---bit.html
Episode 113- What Was That Robot Thinking- - Poli-.html
Erik Promises He Needs An Onion.html
Even More Links for Wednesday - Gerry Canavan.html
Every Protest's Better With Gaga - SF Appeal- Full.html
Everyone But You Is at Dolores Park Right Now - SF.html
Everyone Loses - alexchaffee's YouTube Activity(2).html
Everyone Loses - alexchaffee's YouTube Activity.html
Everyone Who Tried to Convince Me to use Vim was W.html
Evil vs. Disgusting - 2011 Political Animal.html
Evo-Psy in Crisis [Anthony McCarthy] - ECHIDNE of .html
Evolving robots spontaneously emerge altruistic be.html
Exclusive- DefCon Ninja Party Badge Sneak Peek - T.html
Experience- I lived with wolves - The Guardian Wor.html
Explain Ruby - alexch's almanac.html
Explaining 'Penny Wise, Pound Foolish' to Rand Pau.html
Extortion politics- a new form of governing - 2011.html
Eyjafjallajökull Rains Lightning Upon You [Geophys.html
FARTS article an example of FARTS - alexch's alman.html
FIFA 12 - gamescom 2011 trailer - alexchaffee's Yo.html
Facebook Hosts 4% Of All Photos Ever Taken In Hist.html
Facts, please. Maddow's speech proposed 3 things- .html
Fallen Tree at Dolores Park.html
Family Asked To Cover Up Nude Snow Woman [Too Hot .html
Farewell, Dear Reader - willow bl00.html
Fear and Loathing in Farmville - Simon Willison's .html
Fear, Not Hate - The Daily Dish - By Andrew Sulliv.html
Federal Judge Strikes Down BRCA1-BRCA2 Patents. [T.html
Finally! This is only 5 years late. I wrote an ide.html
Fine Tune Volume Adjustment in OS X by Holding Alt.html
First good sign at the #dpark meeting- Ritual Roas.html
FitBit killer---Jawbone Will Sell a Health-Trackin.html
Flipped Car under Dolores Park bridge - alexchaffe(2).html
Flipped Car under Dolores Park bridge - alexchaffe.html
Flipped Car under Dolores Park bridge.html
Floppy music DUO - Imperial march - alexchaffee's .html
Foodspotting Is A Location-Based Game That Will Ma(2).html
Foodspotting Is A Location-Based Game That Will Ma.html
For Flameape. Some beautiful stuff in here (and so.html
For Nick. I wonder if there's a recipe for rice co.html
For Steve (why isn't Obama just saying stfu to the.html
For serious- The White House decided not to releas.html
Forking with the Edit Button - The GitHub Blog.html
Four myths about the Lean Startup - Lessons Learne.html
Francis Cleary - Google - Probably my biggest fear.html
Frank Chu and a horse - alexchaffee's YouTube Acti(2).html
Frank Chu and a horse - alexchaffee's YouTube Acti.html
Frank Chu and a horse.html
Franken 1, Minnery 0 - 2011 Political Animal.html
Fraternally, Brother Vonnegut - Letters of Note.html
Free Find My iPhone - alexch's almanac.html
Free download of Portal for Mac.--Portal is FREE! .html
Free runner pack- Abby's first swim! - alexchaffee.html
Friday Afternoon Apocalypse - Gerry Canavan.html
Fringe + Hulu + Internet = Fun - alexch's almanac.html
Frond tug.html
Frozen Synapse Unfreezes Its Price - Rock, Paper, .html
Full Moon Over Dolores.html
Full text- Orwellian Centrism I don’t usually both.html
Fun with a bank's secret questions and answers - B.html
Fun! In the 'making of' video they call it an 'epi.html
Fun. I'm glad Nancy is my rep (and Bernie is my Se.html
Future Rock Band - alexchaffee's YouTube Activity.html
Fwd- Bears.html
Fwd- Lions.html
GOP attacks on infrastructure investment already u.html
GOP messaging on Planned Parenthood goes off the r.html
GOP pushes accountability-free economic agenda - 2.html
GPS accounts for relativistic effects, but doesn't.html
Gates to Congress- time to repeal DADT - Political.html
Geoff Heal is a gracious host as well as an accomp.html
Geraldine Ferraro, trailblazer, dies at age 75 - P.html
Get Satisfaction Turns To Facebook To Socialize Cu.html
Get a coffee, give a coffee API - FlowingData.html
Get every one of your sharebros to sign this. Even.html
Getting to Single Payer the Vermont Way - Gerry Ca.html
Ghost fishing lobster - Language Log.html
Gingrich's bad day - Political Animal.html
GitHub Secrets - The GitHub Blog.html
Give Berries a Hot Water Bath to Prevent Mold Grow.html
Giving the GOP what it wants on taxes isn't 'middl.html
Glenn Beck's 'Restoring Honor' Rally - Interviews (2).html
Glenn Beck's 'Restoring Honor' Rally - Interviews .html
Gmail Priority Inbox Sorts Your Email For You. And.html
Go Get It.html
Go get it!.html
God Bless Jon Stewart - The Contrarian.html
God hates Jesus ('This cannot be a coincidence') G.html
Golf - Singing in the Rain - alexchaffee's YouTube.html
Good 9-point list of what G+ is-does-aspires to. T.html
Good doggy! Go get it!--Dog Eats Man's Toe and Sav.html
Good doggy. Go get it! My Favorite Photo Ever- A M.html
Google Buzz Trick - DOGHOUSE.html
Google Docs Adds Major New Features [PICS] - Masha.html
Google Offers To Re-Write Your Webpages On The Fly.html
Google Plus on Someecards - Laughing Squid.html
Google Reader Is Dying- Will You Cope By Protestin.html
Google Reader Lexicon - home - googlereaderlexicon.html
Google could care less about Reader - Hacker News.html
Google tweaks Buzz in response to privacy complain.html
Great @Cohuman fan screencast-... - alexch's alman.html
Green screened - kottke.org.html
Grits for Breakfast- Education vs. Prisons (via Ge.html
Gut bacteria in Japanese people borrowed sushi-dig.html
HCR = Health Care Reform, natch Twitter - Andrew B.html
Hacker News - Bilski patent decision coming soon -.html
Hark, a Vagrant- Napoleon's height - Hark, A Vagra.html
Hark, a vagrant- 285 - Dracula - alexch's almanac.html
Has the tyranny ended- - The Blog.html
Hat Demaela abonniert - YouTube-Aktivität von alex.html
Health Overhaul's Biggest Failing Could Be Lack Of.html
Healthcare- Sanders vs Paul - alexchaffee's YouTub.html
Heh. 'Quitta from Wasilla.'--A grifter is gonna gr.html
Help Create the Vision for a Renovated Dolores Par.html
Helpful Hints from joeeze- Mapping your broiler - .html
Here come the wardrobe malfunctions!--A big freaki.html
Hewitt Award Nominee - The Daily Dish - By Andrew .html
Hey, here's an idea for 19th & Dolores! (just kidd.html
Hey, that's my lawyer! Mike Monteiro- F-ck You. Pa.html
Hooray! I'm finally back down below '1000+' unread.html
Hope springs eternal. I suspect the lesson the Dem.html
Horizons of Game Theory - Gerry Canavan.html
How About Prison, Then- - Eschaton.html
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How to Save a Dog's Life- Take Better Pictures [Vi.html
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How to make the Medicare problem worse - 2011 Poli.html
How to speed up plane boarding - kottke.org.html
How-To- Print from an iPad - MAKE Magazine.html
Humorous (by which I mean parodic, not actually ve.html
I Voted (for dogcatcher).html
I actually agree with her 'Show photo as warning t.html
I am SO confused by Pivotal Tracker, it's hardly f.html
I am sitting in a nice hotel right now. So, how ma.html
I do this only starting at #4 my process is- 4. 'g.html
I hate my iPhone 4 - alexchaffee's YouTube Activit.html
I have no words, but all I have is words - zunguzu.html
I haven't watched The Wire since season 1 -- I fou.html
I just got my first Google Reader follower spam. L.html
I note that Steve dodges the question, again- when.html
I remember a post from some months ago by someone .html
I told you so.--Learning the wrong lesson - Politi.html
I tuned in and watched briefly before Kid Rock's d.html
I want to build a JavaScript app to replicate thes.html
I want to write this too. Whats dotjs- Please Bug .html
I'm eating bacon as I read this. 'High intakes of .html
I'm not actually disappointed in this since every .html
I'm on Team Steve!--On the teevee - Political Anim.html
I'm quoted in this article -- twice (cause my mout.html
ILLEGAL--Unity Technologies Blog » Blog Archive » .html
Idiots. (And I mean the Administration, not the ig.html
Idiots. Or as Jon Stewart asked, 'Are we led by as.html
Important news – Cohuman is being acquired - The C.html
Incompetent or Evil- - Gerry Canavan.html
Independents Finally Getting Fed Up - Mother Jones.html
Indie Devs Upload Their Own Game To The Pirate Bay.html
Installing Rails development stack on OS X Lion - .html
Internet Spaceships Bring The Aid - Jump On Contac.html
Introducing Dolores Park's Giant Concrete Phallus .html
Introducing the +1 Button - alexchaffee's YouTube .html
Involuntary Manslaughter --- He only meant to shoo.html
Is Obama a Socialist- The Experts Speak - FrumForu.html
Is the debt ceiling really unconstitutional- - Jun.html
Is this steve's nyt piece- If so, I agree, only mo.html
It Gets Better- Apple Employees - alexchaffee's Yo.html
It's Official- Google Now Counts Site Speed As A R.html
It's great to see these written out (as a gamer an.html
It's still the economy, stupid, cont'd - Political.html
It’s Almost As If They Don’t Believe A Single Thin.html
It’s In His Nature - Hark, a vagrant- 275 - alexch.html
It’s Not How Big It Is – It’s How Well It Performs.html
It’s The Coporations’ World, We Just Live In It - .html
I’ve occasionally wondered why the Tappan Zee Brid.html
Jake Tapper vs. Jay Carney on President Killing U.(2).html
Jake Tapper vs. Jay Carney on President Killing U..html
Jane Austen's Fight Club - alexchaffee's YouTube A.html
Japan 'tsunami dog' Ban reunited with owner after .html
Jerry Brown and the California GOP - Kevin Drum Fe.html
Jon Stewart on Fox’s response to Warren Buffet’s “.html
Josh Ellingson’s Art Featured In BART Stations - L.html
Josh's chariot arrives.html
Judge imposes ban on 'don't ask', don't tell' poli.html
Judges Don't Need -Roe- to Overturn Abortion Laws .html
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June 16- Rachel Maddow rewrites President Barack O.html
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Just Do Nothing (Chart of the Day) - Gerry Canavan.html
Just made “Keep The Commercialization of Dolores P.html
Just posted my talk and slides for “Off The Rails”.html
Juvenile Arrested in Fatal Shooting of Hog & Rocks.html
KQED Visits Noisebridge - Mission Mission » Loaded.html
Kepler's Suns and Planets - Astronomy Picture of t.html
Kevin Drum vs. The Catfood Commission - Gerry Cana.html
Kimono-ga hirai te iru!!! http---cohuman.com.html
Kitty couch.html
Kristen Marceda is supporting the terrorists. Just.html
Krugman and the Firebaggers- Hippie Punching Depar.html
LADY GAGA - Born This Way (Cover) - alexchaffee's .html
LEGO Portals - LEGOS!.html
LESS (not to be confused with less) is more.--Less.html
Last April, Jared Cosulich and Adam Abrons founded.html
Le nouveau #pivotal tracker est vraiment plus agré.html
Learn Buzz's Keyboard Shortcuts and Direct Message.html
Legalize It - Gerry Canavan.html
Liberalism is mainstream.--Tea Party Nation- Not S.html
Lieberman has just indirectly admitted that the In.html
Lifehacker Pack for Mac- Our List of the Best Free.html
Like 2003 All Over Again - Gerry Canavan.html
Line of the Day- 2010-08-31 - bjkeefe.html
Long but good. 'Basically, we’re doing the equival.html
Long essay, probably worth skimming. To the follow.html
Look upon my public works, ye mighty, and despair..html
Looks like CSS may finally get usable layout seman.html
Losing My Programming Virginity To Ruby On Rails -.html
MSNBC's Rachel Maddow - The Nation's Chris Hayes, .html
Mac Finder “Add New File” Context Menu Item – Open.html
Mac Vs PC - alexchaffee's YouTube Activity.html
Maddow 1, O'Reilly 0 - Political Animal.html
Maddow v. Stewart - Gerry Canavan.html
Makes sense. Or is it just well argued- --) Why Do.html
Man Arrested After Trying To Build Nuclear Reactor.html
Mandelbrot Set - alexchaffee's YouTube Activity.html
Mandelbrot Set Video - alexchaffee's YouTube Activ.html
Map of impending Dolores Park closures - Mission M.html
Mark Twain on Risk Analysis - Schneier on Security.html
Marvin Gaye sings American National Anthem - alexc.html
Matz joins Heroku - Heroku.html
May Woo Hoo!--Women Who Bike- May - Bikes and The .html
Measure the Speed of Light Using Your Microwave an.html
Meatloaf Cupcake.html
Mel Martin joins a crowd watching the raging Whets.html
Mental Health Break - The Daily Dish - By Andrew S.html
Messaging (or, Let's Shrink Our Way Out Of This Re.html
Michael Jackson - Beat It - alexchaffee's YouTube .html
Middleman Saves the Day Again - Gerry Canavan.html
Mike just tried to lend me his Kindle copy of Rule.html
Mike_FTW- Also, Tea Party members not digging thei.html
Mike_FTW- “Would that my enemies had one collectiv.html
Militant arm of the infoviz movement gets serious .html
Mohan’s Custom Tailors is taking the boring and ba.html
Money for Nothing - Gerry Canavan.html
Moral Collapse - Gerry Canavan.html
More Wireframes Than You Require 50 Free UI and We.html
More iPhone PL lockdown... Goodbye Scratch! - Lamb.html
More parks!--Breaking- Proposed 17th and Folsom Pa.html
More proof of the maxim that constraints drive cre.html
Most Common Ukulele Chords - Ukulele Hunt.html
Most significantly, the new species do not have mi.html
Movements Are About Something Real (Steve Benen) -.html
Mulberry Street, 1900, from the new Taschen book, .html
My Constituents Care Way More About Political Game.html
My Drunk Kitchen - Laughing Squid.html
My Wife Is Not the Issue Here - Who Is IOZ-.html
My app is getting philosophical now- (RuntimeError.html
My first morning glory bloom of the year! http---w.html
My hero.--What’s the opposite of Inbox Zero- Cause.html
NYT v. ESP - Gerry Canavan.html
NeighborGoods Extends The Sharing Of Actual Things.html
Netflix Now The Largest Single Source of Internet .html
New Arctic Fox Pups Arrive at Aquarium of the Paci.html
New Tech Talk- Typekit - Pivotal Blabs.html
New York City Blizzard time-lapse video - Boing Bo.html
News Now- Hurricane Irene Winooski Vermont - alexc.html
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Nice Doggies - alexchaffee's YouTube Activity(4).html
Nice Doggies - alexchaffee's YouTube Activity.html
Nice Doggies.html
Nice little case study of writing an iPhone Webapp.html
Nice propaganda job, Ian!--coding in the rain · Ra.html
Nice reverse psychology marketing!--Javelin (JS) -.html
Nike Upgrades iPhone App for Runners with Facebook.html
Nine Things You Should Do After Installing OS X Li.html
Ninjerktsu- Carl Sagan and his Fully Armed Spacesh.html
No One Could Have Predicted - Gerry Canavan.html
No Smoking or Drinking in Dolores Park- Bah. - Dol.html
No We Can't - Eschaton.html
No, we can't - Marco.org.html
Nobody Can Predict The Moment Of Revolution ( Occu.html
Node.js is Cancer - 'PNN' via Noreply in Google Re.html
Noisebridge In Trouble - Mission Mission » NYC Bus.html
Now instead of spending too much money on grocerie.html
Now legal in the U.S.- Jailbreaking your iPhone, r.html
OH in Dolores Park, after one dog gets peed on by .html
OMG after I shared this my neighbor came home from.html
OMG i just realized why they named the new North-o.html
OMG yes. Hot-plus-cold sink and shower faucets are.html
OMW to get a burger now--The Burger Lab- How Often.html
OPEN MAILBOX - Gerry Canavan.html
Obama = Quisling--Democratic politics in a nutshel.html
Obama Doesn't Want a Progressive Deficit Deal - Ro.html
Obama Firmly Calls for Use of Reconciliation to Pa.html
Obama administration drops DOMA support - Politica.html
Obama in nuce. - The Edge of the American West.html
Obama is not a progressive, example #124--How Powe.html
Obama to freeze pay for civilian federal workforce.html
Obama's finally using the bully pulpit against the.html
Occupy Wall Street gathers steam - alexchaffee's Y.html
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On The Rocks - Bad Romance - 4-23-10 - alexchaffee(2).html
On The Rocks - Bad Romance - 4-23-10 - alexchaffee.html
On Women’s Gold and Equality - Vancouver Verse - b.html
On the one hand, this is undeniably awesome. On th.html
On the progressive divide - Open Left - Front Page.html
One-dimensional chess - Crooked Timber.html
Ooh! Ooh! 'Giddy but bemused' -- that's me! Here's.html
Optimist- About frickin time! Pessimist- Too littl.html
Or, as Gerry put it, 'But while we debate the tax .html
Our new build status indicator - The GitHub Blog.html
Our xkcd school in Laos is complete! - Soaring on .html
Outfoxed- Fox News technique- 'some people say' - .html
Pairing Desks - NerdFeed.html
Pairing isn't for everyone... - Pivotal Blabs.html
Pairing tete-a-tete - Pivotal Blabs.html
Parasite Correlated With World Cup Success - Slash.html
Parklets FTW!--Bike Racks For Boogaloos (and Frien.html
Paul Krugman Needs to Learn the Leadership Secrets.html
Paul Revere warned the British- - 2011 Political A.html
Pelosi- No Regrets - Yglesias.html
People who touch your junk - Boing Boing.html
Perfect - Talking Points Memo.html
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Persistence and Virtual Realities - alexch's alman.html
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Pivotal Tracker, now officially on the iPhone, iPa.html
Plantbombing, Yarn Bombing With Plants - Laughing .html
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Political 'moderation' isn't moderate - Making Lig.html
Poll- Half of All Government is Wasted - Kevin Dru.html
Pop music distilled to its essence--The Future is .html
Portal 2 - Insane Cube Tricks (Part One) - alexcha.html
Prefer HTTPS - Google Chrome extension gallery - c.html
President Obama Has All The Legal Authority He Nee.html
President Obama's deficit speech - The Maddow Blog.html
Quantifying the enthusiasm gap, cont'd - Political.html
Quantum Levitation - alexchaffee's YouTube Activit(2).html
Quantum Levitation - alexchaffee's YouTube Activit.html
R.I.P. Ruby Hash Rocket Syntax 1993-2010 - Free Pe.html
RDropbox- A Ruby Client Library for Dropbox - Ruby.html
RT @billsimmon- RT @jason_pelletier- #btv voters d.html
RT @defunkt- Now that Facebook has patented the Ne(2).html
RT @defunkt- Now that Facebook has patented the Ne.html
RT @mfeathers- It would be cool if Google and all .html
RT @wikileaks- Sarah Palin says Julian should be h.html
Rachel Maddow enumerates the accomplishments of th.html
Rachel Maddow picks up the NYT story From Obama, t.html
Radiolab Presents Symmetry - alexchaffee's YouTube.html
Railsbridge Workshop Curriculum Flowchart.html
Rare fish with 'hands' are the true missing link [.html
Rationally In-Exuberant about Public Higher Ed - z.html
Rats. This finding does not support my travel algo.html
Read http---blog.fogcreek.com-girls-go-geek-again-.html
Rebooting the Justice League! - Indistinguishable .html
Refusing to take 'yes' for an answer - 2011 Politi.html
Reid to put Senate GOP on the spot - Political Ani.html
Remember when it was a day of remembrance- - Polit.html
Rep. Weiner Offers Amendment Requiring Repeal of H.html
Repetition, repetition, repetition - Political Ani.html
Repo Men is a fun pastiche of Blade Runner, Brazil.html
Republican Jurists for Gay Marriage - Reason Magaz.html
Republicans win office, kill jobs immediately - Da.html
Rest in pieces, and pieces of pieces, ad infinitum.html
Retrospective- Fashionopoly - GIANT ROBOTS SMASHIN.html
Revelers Swarm Car, Beat Driver (Alternate Angle) .html
Rhetoric vs. reality on small businesses - Politic.html
Robin Barooah- I am broken, or I can learn - Quant.html
Ruby 1.9's silly new -- punctuation mark for 'lamb.html
Ruby 1.9.2 is released - www.ruby-lang.org.html
Ruby Thugs, Give Me A Beat! And Other Useful Resou.html
SF Rec and Park Commission 2010-09-16 (part 1) - a.html
SF Rec and Park Commission 2010-09-16 (part 1).html