Various examples and materials for my "Advanced Views with Erector" Railsconf 2009 presentation
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    rails example-rails-app
    cd example-rails-app
    script/plugin install git://    

    If you are using erector for inheritance, be sure to set layout to nil, or remove whichever application-level layout you have.

    Builder syntax
    Interaction with layouts / partials in rails
    Widget method
    Live-Coding Example (15)
    Generate app using a rails template generator
    Require erector
    Create erector scaffold (if I can build it by railsconf)
    Write some view code
    Use the table widget
    Write a nested layout
    Refactor some helper methods inline
    Frank discussion of the benefits and drawbacks of Erector (5)
    More verbose than erb
    Less-tight integration with rails
    More refactoring options
    Nested layouts
    Roadmap (5)
    How to contribute
    How to file bugs/feature requests
    rename erect to erector
    move attr_accessors to needs
    Obstacles to working with rails:
    This is an issue
    Wouldn't it be great if we could proxy to helpers using method missing...
    For that to happen, everything would have to return a string
    Everything would have to output to the buffer
      # helpers returning raw text

      # helpers returning raw text whose first parameter is HTML escaped

      # return text, take block

      # render text, take block