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Monkey vs. Robot

or, You Are Not An Object-Oriented Programmer

A lightning talk from GoGaRuCo 2011

Video at


You are not an object-oriented programmer! OK, maybe you are sometimes, but sometimes you only think you've got encapsulation, isolation, modularity, inheritance, testability but you really don't! Monkeys play with stuff and solve problems and have lots of fun, but aren't very safe; Robots send messages and accept commands, and are efficient but often difficult.


Alex has been working on Scott Chacon's Showoff app; you will have to download and install his version, as follows:

git clone git://
cd showoff
bundle install --without optional
rake gem:install

After installing, run

showoff serve .

This will launch a local Sinatra server on port 9090. Open your browser to localhost:9090. On a Mac you can run:

open http://localhost:9090

Use arrow keys to navigate slides. Press '?' to see a help window.

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