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An experimental XML/HTML builder framework.

  • definition: "seed" is a nascent XML/HTML node or fragment or doc; think of it as the output stream
  • include Builder gives your object some methods and a @_seed instance variable
  • using the macro tag defines a method that, when called, will add an XML/HTML element to the seed
  • the tag methods work like Erector (or Nokogiri::Builder) methods: they can take text (for inner text content), a hash (for attributes), or a block (for nested content)
  • a tag method adds its element to the seed (a growing XML/HTML document), but it also returns a pointer to itself within that seed
  • callers can then use that pointer to manipulate the element inside the growing document...
    • by sending it messages, which it uses to define attributes like class and id
    • by assigning it to a variable, for later use
    • by using it as a parameter to the put method
  • the put method adds its arguments to the seed; if one of those arguments is a seed, then it moves the node the seed is pointing to

The upshot of all the above is to enable some slick and (hopefully) fairly well-defined builder DSL tricks, like this:

put "a", b("c"), "d"
#=> a<b>c</b>d"bar") do
  baz(src: "baf")
#=> <div class="foo">bar<baz src="baf"></baz></div>

(Some of these tricks don't quite work yet, but I'm thinking of a data structure tweak to allow them all.)

See spec/builder_spec.rb for usage details.