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# Rails Notes

Wolfram Arnold's notes and slides for teaching Rails

## Authors

* Wolfram Arnold <>
  * GitHub/Twitter/LinkedIn: wolframarnold

* Alex Chaffee <>
  * <>
  * GitHub/Twitter: alexch

# Showing the slides

We use a Ruby app called `deck.rb` to generate and serve the slides.

    gem install deckrb
After installing, run

    deck *.md

This will launch a local Sinatra server on port 4333. Open your browser to `localhost:4333`. On a Mac you can run:

    open http://localhost:4333

Use arrow keys to navigate slides. Press '?' to see a help window.

# Editing slides

Slides are in [Markdown]( format. Showoff will read all `.md` files in alphabetical order.

You can also add custom `.css`, `.scss`, and `.js` files, which will get imported into all slide sections.

Images should be in, or relative to, the directory that the source markdown file is in.

## Based upon and/or inspired by

* [Michael Hartl'l Rails Tutorial](


This project is under an open source license. We're not sure exactly which one... probably MIT.

Michael Hartl's material and all excerpts included herein are under copyright and provided under fair use so long you've purchased a copy of the Rails Tutorial.


Teacher's materials (slides) for Rails class, adapted from Michael Hartl's






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