bootstrap setting up a new mac to be non-useless. rvm, virtualenvwrapper, homebrew, git config, dotfiles, et al.
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Scripts and walkthroughs to bootstrap my new Macs when I get them. This doesn't happen all too often, but in between home, work, desktops, laptops, catastrophic hardware failures, etc., it happens more often than I'd like!

The main things this handles (thus far):

  • installs homebrew and list of packages
  • rvm, ruby 1.9, rails 3.1 and handy gems
  • pip, virtualenv and virtualenvwrapper for python
  • node.js and npm package manager
  • setup zsh and oh-my-zsh
  • in case we aren't used to zsh yet, set up bash nicely too (git prompting, etc)
  • textmate plugins, snippits, etc., and solarized color scheme
  • a sane vim and macvim configuration, including solarized color scheme
  • dotfiles are symlinked and kept in a git repository, so they stay up to date across machines (with provisions for host and os-specific files).

This is still a bit of a mess, but getting cleaned up over time, and is approaching the point where it could be easily customized for your own usage.


Tasks should be runnable at any time, creating/repairing installations when needed, ignoring stuff if already exists.


Get the files

Clone the repository into my home directory: git clone ~/.dothome

READONLY MODE: git clone git:// ~/.dothome


Just do cd ~/.dothome; rake bootstrap

Doing stuff manually instead

bash setup

Run rake dotfiles:install which will symlink your .bash_profile and .bashrc to the ones in the repo (as well as any other files). Old files will be backed up with a .old suffix.

Most of the work here happens in bash/run. Note that host and OS specific files will be sourced in bash/host/* and bash/os/* if they exist, this allows you to have one master repo but still have certain things that only happen on certain OSes or machines.

homebrew and packages

Run rake homebrew:install which will install homebrew, update the package list, and install the list of packages found in brew/*.

These tasks are also available individually via homebrew:brew_install, homebrew:brew_update, and homebrew:packages_install.

rvm, ruby 1.9.x, rails 3.1, and commonly used gems

TODO: write description of this

python with virtualenv setup

Use rake python:install. Done.


Came from various places:

TODO: Things we need to insure are installed but will be hard to automate

  • dev tools
  • growl
  • textmate