A really simple URL shortening engine in PHP/MySQL.
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Shortbase is a URL shortening engine written in PHP/MySQL. A live demo is available here.

Features include:

  • Lots of URLs. 238,328 with just 3 characters. 14,776,336 with 4.
  • Features to save you URLs including duplicate checking, and dead link checking.
  • Statistics available for each shortened URL (add a + to the URL).
  • Security. Uses PDO for database access, and all queries are prepared.

Shortbase is designed as a base engine to work with. No styling or scripting is included, this is just the back-end.

Installation Instructions

  • Run setup.sql on your database
  • Edit html/includes/config.php for your database.
  • Ensure apache mod_rewrite is enabled.
  • Ensure curl is installed.
  • Copy html to your server, ensuring the .htaccess file is copied.
  • Customise, and enjoy!

I also made a devlog while developing Shortbase, which provides an in-depth look at how and why everything was made.

Questions? Contact Me.