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@pretenders @ployst @jazzband
a'_' A-ee
I make simple esolangs that are as powerful as possible.

Company Inc. Location D.C., Location

Dean Lofts loftwah
I'm a freelancer with a keen interest in Technology, Music and Coding. DevOps, PHP, Python, Docker, Node.js, TypeScript, WordPress and Linux.

Beatsmiff Perth, Western Australia

Mikhail Bautin mbautin
YugaByte DB is the distributed SQL database for modern apps!

@Yugabyte Sunnyvale, CA

Max Base BaseMax
Full-Time Open-Sourcerer. Full-stack programmer. I don't know anything. In the path of a real computer engineer...#BlackLivesMatter

@GitHub Developer Maintainer The Internet, Remote

owgreen owgreen
Software developer in Tokyo


Muhammad Falak R Wani mfrw
GPG: 0x6C40FE13


Linux + Haskell + Emacs = Fire
Manjit Kumar manjitkumar
I am a software engineer 👨‍💻 with 6yr of experience in cloud ☁️ Infrastructure & developing web 🌐 applications. Currently @lendingloop Previously @grofers

lendingloop Toronto

forseek 763077374
I like python.



San Francisco

GAURAV gauravssnl
It's not magic. It's the code.
Terin Stock terinjokes
Software Engineer @cloudflare working on Kubernetes

@cloudflare San Francisco, CA

Odravison Amaral odravison
Software Engineer

@labsitio Brazil

Lucian Marin lucianmarin
I built Artificial Feed and Subreply.
Minh Triet Pham Tran trietptm
APT Hunter, Threat Hunter, Incident Responder, Forensics Analyst, Information Security Consultant, Red Teamer (Network+System views)


Ankur Tyagi 7h3rAm

@qualys Planet Earth

Gabriel Conceição gabrielpconceicao
Full Stack Web developer Websites development, Web Application developer, Webserver management. Problem solver, data recovery, technical assistance.

Bydas Porto

Leah LaSalla OpenSorceress
I hacked NASA with a toaster

Wallbreakers Austin, TX



Frank Fonts FrankFonts
An independent type foundry run by British/Hungarian designer Béla Frank

London, UK / Budapest, HU

Daniel Watkins OddBloke

Canonical Kingston, ON

Michael Trainor michaeltrainor Finland

Jakub Jarosz qba73
Backend Engineer | Solving business problems with software.

Dublin, Ireland

Fabrizio Romano gianchub
Author, Computer Scientist, Reiki Master/Teacher. I wrote Learn Python Programming, 2nd Ed. - Packt Publishing, June 2018.

London (UK)

Carles Barrobés txels

@Skyscanner Barcelona

Yoav Aviram yoavaviram
Business Innovator, Entrepreneur, Investor, Independent Academic, Activist

Energized Work London

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