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RoboWars 4th Year Engineering Project

Carleton University
Supervised by Cheryl Schramm

Alexander Craig - 100741774
Alexander Dinardo - 100737587
Steven Legere - 100735141
Mike Wright - 100741876

The RoboWars project has two primary objectives: 

* The first project objective is to develop a robotics control system which is both intuitive to use and is implemented on a mobile platform that is widely available and used by the public. Specifically, the project targets mobile smartphones running the Android operating system as the client platform.

* The second project objective is to experiment with the combination of live video and virtually generated, overlaid imagery to enhance the ease of use and feature set of a robotics control system. This technology is commonly referred to as augmented reality.

To combine these objectives, the project aims to create a system which allows two remotely controlled robots to share and interact with a simple virtual world which will be rendered on to a live video feed and displayed to the remote operators. Users can connect to the system from smartphones anywhere where an internet connection is available, and use the robots to play simple virtual games supported by augmented reality overlays.


A 4th year engineering project at Carleton University aimed at producing an augmented reality robotics interface available through Android OS smartphones.




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