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This package contains the source code to metapad
(version 3.51). What follows is a few points I'd like to
make regarding this distribution:

1) The metapad code has been released under the GNU
   General Public License. This fact directly impacts
   what you can and cannot do with the source code. See
   the file COPYING-LICENSE.txt (included in this
   distribution) which will explain things in detail.

2) This source code in its current state is uncommented,
   unmodular, and generally not very understandable
   for anyone that is not deeply familiar with it. All
   of the code is contained in one 8000 line file. Of
   course this is not the best way to write software
   that others may read (which was not a concern when
   I originally wrote it).

3) I no longer consider myself a win32 programming
   expert by any means. If you are confused by anything
   you find here please contact your local C/win32 guru.
Hope you enjoy. That is all.
Alexander Davidson
March 2009
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