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This is my custom modification of the default Doxygen CSS.

Custom Doxygen CSS

This is my modification of the default Doxygen CSS. I'm also commenting the .css files so it gets easier to make modifications.

To use it, replace the default Doxygen CSSs with mine.

What It Does

This modifies the look-and-feel of the default Doxygen documentation pages.

How to Use

  • On an existing Doxygen documentation folder, replace the default 'doxygen.css' and 'tabs.css' with mine.



These cascading style sheets were originally provided by Doxygen.

They were modified by Alexandre Dantas Any questions, requests, bugs, messages, etc. e-mail me.

These files are not licensed in any way, so you can do whatever you want with them. But if you use it i appreciate any comments :)

Oh, and check my other projects! Please visit my blog:

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