Ruby script to build leaflet.js-based photo maps.
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Photo Map Generator

I use this script to generate a photo map from a combination of GPS data and photos I've taken. The script is here as a reference. It's not usable as-is, but could probably be packaged as a gem at some point.

You can see a live example on my blog.


  1. Extract the creation time from each photo.
  2. Use GPS data to figure out where I was at the time the photo was taken.
  3. Add each located photo to the map.
  4. Draw a line for each segment (day) of GPS data.


Getting good locations from photos using this method can be tough. If your camera's clock is wrong (and when is the last time you checked, really?), you'll get incorrect locations. Manually adjusting those dates is possible, but maddening.

When GPS data is missing (because the unit was off), you have a few options. Guess a location by interpolating from existing GPS data. This works OK if the period of missing data isn't too large. Otherwise, you might be better off using something like Google Earth to manually find the right location for your photo. This script doesn't yet support any kind of manual per-photo location adjustments, but it's on the TODO list.

If you want to make maps like this, you'll get the best results if you set your camera's clock from the GPS unit, and leave the GPS unit on whenever you might be using the camera. All of the headaches I've had stem from the failure to do one of these two things.

Libraries Used

  • exifr is used by my photo gallery to extract time information from photos
  • where_was_i returns a location (from GPS data) based on the times extracted from photos.
  • leaflet.js is the main mapping library.
  • Leaflet.Photo makes it really easy to generate nice-looking photo maps.
  • leaflet-plugins allows the usage of Google Maps on a leaflet map.
  • Leaflet.markercluster groups nearby points together on the map, and expands the clusters when you zoom in.
  • I use httparty and httparty-cookies to fetch photo data from my personal image gallery.